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Aligning the coaching culture with organizational strategy

3rd November 2014 | Ro Gorell

Extract from 'How to Create a Coaching Culture' By Gillian Jones and Ro Gorell.

How to Create a Coaching Culture (9780749469788)How to Create a Coaching Culture is a practical guide to understanding coaching, the benefits it can bring to an organization and how it can help make the vision for your organization a reality. Learn how develop an effective and efficient coaching culture in your organization.

The business mantra of ‘improve productivity and retain talent’ sits well with most organizations and, as we mentioned in the last chapter, it is obvious that any organization wants all of the benefits we outlined. The key question is: Which do you want first? Attempting to do everything at once is untargeted and likely to lead to initiative overload without a clear, defining and robust strategy to make it happen. And yet, how often have you experienced the introduction of yet another initiative? Complexity is abundant in most organizations and employees are challenged to work their way through the quagmire of processes, policies, projects, edicts and so on that flow from the top. And yet, in many organizations there doesn’t seem to be a unifying theme that helps employees make sense of these and apply them to their daily tasks. Often behaviours start to emerge that provide workarounds to the very systems that were designed to bring consistency and clarity. Those workarounds, the culture that evolves, soon undermine the strategy, and the vision becomes so cloudy that the organization achieves anything but productivity and talent retention. Aligning the business to the people is one of the reasons why it’s important to get the right fit...

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