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Checklist: Is This Content Valuable?

17th July 2015 | Sonja Jefferson, Sharon Tanton

Check Each Content Idea You Have against These Criteria to Connect with Clients and Customers in Ways They Appreciate and Trust

Valuable Content Marketing (9780749473273)Use the following checklist from Valuable Content Marketing to decide which content ideas to take forward, and which to park.

  1. Does this content have a clear business goal? Are we clear why we are creating it?
  2. Do our customers crave this content? Does it answer a real question/solve a real challenge for an ideal customer?
  3. Does this content fit with our story? Is it in line with our purpose as a business? Does it further our cause?
  4. Is it unique? Different enough from other content we have created? Not repetitive?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions then plan the piece of content in more detail and check it against the following criteria:

  1. Is the content surprisingly useful, human or entertaining? Does it make the reader think, laugh or teach them something new?
  2. Is the tone right for us and our readers? eg help, don’t sell; talk, don’t yell; show, don’t tell?
  3. Is it the right format for the reader and for the subject matter?
  4. Is it set at the right level for the reader? Not too basic or too complex?
  5. Is it focused? Not too specific; not too broad?
  6. Is it concise? As concise as needed? And not too specific, and not too broad?
  7. Is it actionable? Does it have a clear call to action – answering the question ‘what next’? 
  8. Is it shareable? Clear social and share buttons?
  9. Is it tagged and labelled correctly so it gets found on our website and in search?
  10. Does the image(s) that accompany it add value? Not stock shots, interesting, relevant, high quality?
  11. Is the design and layout consistent? In line with our guidelines, follows the rules of good typography?

If you answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions then your content is on track!

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, then some rethinking and editing are required.

About the authors: Sonja Jefferson shows you what to write. A content marketing consultant and trainer with a background in professional sales, she founded Valuable Content, which helps business owners get their message across in the right way. She reaches the heart of the message, producing and sharing the right type of information to help a business grow. Sharon Tanton shows you how to write. Creative Director at Valuable Content, she is a copywriter with a background in crafting stories. Working in radio, television, magazine features and internal communications, she helps companies convey their message in a way that audiences appreciate.

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