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Damian Ryan on The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World II

4th March 2014 | Damian Ryan

Author Damian Ryan shares his thoughts on and evolution of the new edition.

The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World II (9780749469689)By reading The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World II I am confident that you will find at least one super idea in this book that can be developed to add value in your business – that’s got to be a worthwhile return on investment for your purchase!

While both the first and second editions have sought to bring you, the reader, a diverse and educational range of digital marketing experiences, the second edition is different in a number of ways. Readers of the first edition told me this new edition should see less in the way of commentary about the campaigns and more factual information presented in a snackable format. This meant I could squeeze in more campaigns too – in fact this edition houses 40 campaigns compared with just 25.

I have focused more on the key questions of campaign budget size and actual measurable results. This is because readers have told me they have made use of this book and its content to convince other stakeholders in their businesses to invest in digital marketing. Not all marketers can disclose the campaign budget size but, in this edition, 25 per cent more were willing to do so compared to the earlier edition.

I also started this book with far more campaigns to consider for inclusion. The research team led by Beckie Rowe and Tony Hyde had, over a period of four months, collected over 700 campaigns. In selecting the final 40 I aimed to demonstrate the following:

  • You don’t have to have a massive budget to realize success (but it helps!).
  • The geographical, cultural and technical diversity of digital marketing.
  • Where digital fits into the overall pursuit of ‘value engineering’ for a business or a brand.


A new era in collaboration...

Finally, this edition of Best marks the beginning of a new enterprise – an online, collaborative platform where digital marketers can learn, connect and prosper. This platform will include hundreds more digital marketing case studies from around the world – you can get more information by visiting http://www.gogadm.com/

So now we can all collaborate together – will this spell the end of the book format? No, I don’t think so but I do believe this new platform will go a long way to democratize knowledge about digital marketing and use peer-to-peer experiences to bring us closer to the secret nuggets of success that we all seek!

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