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Does Europe have the IP framework to accelerate digital ventures?

22nd July 2015 | Adam Jolly

Isabelle Landreau, an expert in IP and international law, discusses the pros and cons of a single digital market for Europe, focusing on e-commerce, human rights and the latest developments in big data.

Does Europe have the IP framework to accelerate digital ventures?

There are many arguments in favour of the idea of creating one single digital market for Europe: not only is Europe a potential total market of 315 million consumers, a single digital market also has the potential to provide €415bn of growth and hundred of thousands of jobs.

But one question remains: do we have a strong and sustainable IP framework to accelerate our digital ventures?

Though people, goods, people and capital are free to circulate between EU countries, there is no Common European Sales Law in place. Cross-border sales are still governed nationally and are subject to local rates of VAT. The EU cross-border online services represent only 4 per cent of general transactions whereas US-based online services represent 54 per cent. Commercial barriers still exist and are a key factor of the reluctance of SMEs to trade outside more than one Member state.

Looking at e-commerce and big data, IP and international law expert Isabelle Landreau discusses commercial barries, obstacles to cross-border transactions and the issues posed by future data regulations. To download this white paper on Europe, IP and Digital Ventures, please click here. 

Business, Finance, Risk, Information Management

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