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Free Instructions for Writing a Market Research Brief

3rd November 2013 | Carol-Ann Morgan, Nicholas Hague, Paul N Hague

Get free instructions for writing a market research brief from the new edition of Market Research in Practice

Market Research in Practice (9780749468644)

“No one at school ever says they want to be a market researcher. It is a job that most people fall into by accident and yet it is arguably one of the best jobs in the world.”

So begins the preface to our new edition of Market Research in Practice by Paul N. Hague, Nick Hague and Carol-Ann Morgan from B2B International, and it’s hard to argue with them. Across seventeen chapters covering the whole market research process, from planning a project and executing it to analysing and presenting the findings, what becomes obvious is that being a market researcher is a career that few others can rival in the variety of the work. And in what other job could someone with a curious mind be paid to uncover the truth?

Market Research in Practice is a practical book written by a team who between them have 70 years’ experience in the profession. It features examples of studies they have carried out over the last 40 years. In the words of Nick, Paul and Carol, “Our aim is to educate you, of course, but also to enthuse you in this most wonderful subject, which we guarantee will absorb, frustrate and mainly satisfy you as your skills are developed.”

A lot has changed since the popular first edition was published nearly 10 years ago: Paul, Nick and Carol have overhauled the entire book so readers can expect only the latest thinking on all aspects of doing market research - its uses, market research design, desk research, focus groups, face to face interviewing, questionnaire design and more. 

There are also brand new chapters on the uses of market research, international aspects of market research and new research trends. Those new research trends include, of course, social media research and online surveys. We know that carrying out online surveys is a key challenge for market researchers today, so this is the free sample chapter available. Last but not least are the free online resources, including instruction for writing a market research brief, which are avaialable for this new edition.


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