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Malcolm Morley on Understanding Markets and Strategy

6th November 2014 | Malcolm Morley

Malcolm Morley on the ‘new norm’ in strategic leadership and creating conditions for sustained competitive advantage.

Single major events or changes in stakeholder power and the willingness to use it or a change to the definitions of success and acceptable can cause a crisis and have a profound effect on strategy. It is often the cumulative effect of individual events, however, over time that changes strategy. This change occurs incrementally and implicitly rather than explicitly.

Behaviour often changes over time unrecognised but creating a new norm. Strategic leadership is about the ability to recognise this 'new norm' and to decide what to do about it; for example, the new norm may now be that we now buy in, assemble and apply our branding to more products than we make ourselves under our brand.

Is this what we want our strategy to be? Are the competencies of the company now as a designer, brander and assembler of products rather than as a manufacturer of products?

Understanding Markets and Strategy goes to the very heart of markets and the strategic leadership and processes required to create the conditions for sustained competitive advantage. It is practically focused with case studies, practitioner tips and practitioner questions to challenge and provide a means for managers to generate the dialogue necessary to surface and deal with issues that often implicitly inhibit effective responses to changing market conditions and the actions of competitors.

Understanding Markets and Strategy will become a must-read and a constant reference for senior managers and those aspiring to become senior managers, whether already in companies or on academic courses.

Understanding Markets and Strategy is out now from www.koganpage.com.

Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Risk

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