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Marketing Book of the Year 2014

1st January 2014 | Simon Hazeldine, Simon Pont, Peter Hill

Three Kogan Page Books have been Nominated for Marketing Book of the Year!

We're delighted to announce that three Kogan Page Books have been nominated for Expert Marketer Magazine's Marketing Book of the Year Award! Our congratulations go to all three authors.

To celebrate the nominations save 35% on all nominated titles until voting closes on Friday 14th February 2014. The nominated books are:



Digital State: How the Internet is Changing Everything

Simon Pont 

£14.99 £9.75

12 leading innovators from the worlds of branding, advertising and marketing engage with this compelling question, and give us their unique views on what the future holds for consumers.

"Makes the complications of the digital world a lot easier to swallow. Captivating."- Wired Insider

"Exciting, informative, timely." - Geoff Ward, Mysterious Planet

"Fiercely intelligent and genuinely useful." - Lucy Acheson, B2B Marketing




Pricing for Profit: How to Develop a Powerful Pricing Strategy for Your Business

Peter Hill

£29.99 £19.49

Written by a chartered accountant and business growth specialist, Pricing for Profit shows readers how to get their pricing strategy right every time.

Praise for Pricing for Profit:

"Like the best business books, "Pricing for Profit" is meant to be actionable...Unless you have the whole pricing equation nailed down, you're going to find something in this book that you can put to use in your business." - Daria Steigman, Solo PR Pro

"I have to admit, I am not a particularly numerate person and I have struggled with the financial aspects of running a business for many years. This wonderful book has changed all of that. Not only do I now have a clear view of how pricing fits in to my sales and marketing activity so I understand where I've been going wrong; I also now have a simple, step-by-step plan of action for putting it all right! I have never been so excited about sorting out my financials." - Amazon Customer Review




Neuro-Sell: How Neuroscience Can Power Your Sales Success 

Simon Hazeldine 

£19.99 £12.99

If you want to succeed in sales, you need something that gives you the edge. Neuro-Sell uses insights from neuroscience on how customers' minds really work to develop an effective, straightforward selling system that will catapult you ahead of your competitors.

Praise for Neuro-Sell:

"Simon Hazeldine builds on the solid, scientifically-grounded principles of neuroscience (which he has studied extensively) and shows the practical application of these principles in real-world selling and interaction. I just hope my competition doesn't get hold of this masterpiece. It is a book to be studied, not just read. Get it. Devour it. Apply it. Your business and your life will be better for it." - Terry Brock MBA, CSP, CPAE, Author, Professional Speaker, Marketing Coach

"Simon Hazeldine covers real world, practical advice and techniques to tap into the buyer's brain so that you can influence them on a much deeper level then your competitors." - Sean McPheat, author of Eselling




Remember you can save 50%* on any of the three shortlisted books until Mindight on Wednesday 12th January with discount code MBOTY2014

*Offer expires Midnight Wednesday 12th February 2014. Offer is for individuals only. Includes free postage and packaging in the UK.

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