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Personal Branding Becomes Even More Important at Ernst & Young

29th January 2016 | Lesley Everett

Lesley Everett, author of Corporate Brand Personality discusses Ernst & Young's removal of degree classification from their recruitment requirements.

Personal Branding Becomes Even More Important at Ernst & Young

At last we are seeing one of the UK’s biggest graduate recruiters recognize that the best people for their organisation may not necessarily be those with 2:1 degrees. As Ernst & Young takes the unprecedented step of removing the degree classification from its recruitment selection, I wonder if we are seeing more of a move towards individuals proving themselves via other means than qualifications alone, and an environment where strong and consistent personal brands and visibility are becoming even more critical to getting seen and getting on.

EY have carried out research that shows “no evidence” that success at university has any correlation with achievement in professional qualifications. So perhaps this suggests that having the right work environment and culture has much to do with people achieving career goals?

At Walking TALL, we constantly see companies that openly value their people and provide them with flexible and relevant learning & development programmes, particularly for Gen Y, are more likely to retain talented staff and have a great employer brand for attracting more of the best.

The workplace is changing dramatically – in 2020 Gen Y or Millennials will represent over half of our leadership positions. They demand more rapid progression and mobility in their careers and given the right environment will thrive.

So now it seems it’s even more important to recruit for personality, attitude and drive rather than degree qualifications alone, and then to provide the right environment and personal development in order to get the most from your people.

The result is a more engaged workforce and a powerful layer of personality added to your brand that attracts and retains loyal clients.

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Business, Finance, Risk, Information Management

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