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Recruit Successfully through Social Media


The level of success you get with your social media recruitment is directly related to the number of (relevant) people that read/watch/view your content. In simple terms, without other people sharing your videos, posts or pictures on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, then it doesn’t matter how good the content is, it just won’t be seen.

Many companies make the mistake of not sharing their content enough – they seemingly become bashful after writing their blog post, crafting that presentation, framing the great picture or filming an awesome video. The truth is that not everybody are on the social networks all of the time – especially across different time zones. We all dip in and out our favoured networks when we have time, so the need to re-share content multiple times is really important.

The biggest mistake I see when working with companies is that they fail to truly maximise their content sharing biggest assets – their own employees. For different reasons many employees don’t seem to share their company’s social content on their own personal networks. This is a huge missed opportunity when you consider that:

1. Each employee uses on average 4-5 social networks

2. Each employee will have an existing audience on their social networks already:

  • Average number of friends on Facebook is 338
  • Average number of LinkedIn connections is 394
  • Average number of Twitter Followers is 208
  • Average number of Instagram Followers is 194

(Now, how many employees do you have?)

 3. Each employee will likely have networks with people of similar skills and backgrounds to them, from previous employers and industry relationships.

So why is it then that employees don’t share their company’s social content (unless continuously prodded by you and your team!) with their social networks?

There are obviously many reasons, some of which are company and industry specific, but for me it boils down to five reasons:

  1. Lack of communication. How many employees actually know of your social accounts? Do you communicate/promote them internally?
  2. How many employees actually follow your social media accounts, and therefore see the content you share? If they don’t see it then how can they share it with their networks?
  3. Is it interesting content they would want to share with their own networks? If it isn’t you have a problem because it means that others won’t share it either.
  4. Does the content involve the employees? Have you encouraged collaboration and participation in creating the content or have you created it all? They are more likely to embrace sharing if they have been involved, or know work colleagues that have been featured in the content.
  5. Do your employees enjoy working at your company, and are willing to help share why they are? If not, that is a bigger problem and one for another day!

Employee networks are probably the best and quickest way to gain social media reach for your content, but they first have to be engaged and motivated to want to share the content. Then it comes down to the content itself.

When creating any form of content it must be interesting, relevant and timely, whoever the target audience is. When it meets these three criteria then it becomes a lot more sharable.

If you are not sure what content your employees would happily share with their own social networks, then do something really simple and ask them for their opinions!

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