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10 Ways To Show Your Team What You Believe In

5th February 2015 | Kevin Murray

Here are 10 things you need to do to help articulate who you are and what you believe in, and to enable you to be more authentic and passionate with your followers.

10 Ways To Show Your Team What You Believe In

Don’t be afraid of exposing yourself by being more emotional. All communication involves risk, and it is natural to fear that your authentic self will be rejected. But being inauthentic is the greater risk. Authenticity is about lowering your guard and being more open about feelings, about uncertainties, about risks and issues. Remember this: no passion and no conviction mean no inspiration.

1. Define your purpose.
2. Define your values and your beliefs.
3. Understand your strengths. Play to them but don’t trumpet them.
4. Understand, admit to and mitigate your weaknesses.
5. Think about the seminal moments in your career and life and the key learnings that you have carried forward from those. Talk about these.
6. Map your purpose to that of your organization. Create a picture of success. Speak to that more.
7. Map your values to that of your organization. Speak to those more.
8. Show more humanity. Admit mistakes that you don’t know. Show respect to others.
9. Ask yourself if you show up for difficult conversations and are visible in challenging times.
10. Never swallow the truth. Always be optimistic, but never hide the truth.

In short: be visible, be human and be honest.

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