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The 10 Leading Threats to Your Supply Chain

23rd July 2014 | John Manners-Bell

Businesses today face a huge number of supply chain risks. In this post, John Manners-Bell highlights the most important

The 10 Leading Threats to Your Supply Chain

Inventory reduction strategies have made supply chains more vulnerable than ever to a range of external threats. Lean supply chains may make sense in terms of inventory reduction, but when something goes wrong, how able are you to respond? Do you have the right systems and processes in place to get operations back up and running quickly? Do you have upstream visibility of your supply chain and understand the full implications of disruption to your suppliers?

In today’s global interconnected world, even remote supply chain disruptions can have a huge impact on your business. Rather than waiting for the next disaster to occur, companies must be proactive in managing risk. Companies must focus on addressing the most vulnerable spots in their supply chain now.

But what are the most important risks? John Manners-Bell, author of Supply Chain Risk, provides a handy summary of the top ten key external threats to supply chains:

1. Corruption

2. Civil unrest and geo-political security

3. Demand shocks

4. Terrorism and piracy

5. Fire and floods

6. Geo-physical disasters

7. Extreme weather events

8. Cargo crime

9. Smuggling and counterfeiting

10. Ethical and environmental practices

Each of these threats is examined in detail in John Manners-Bell’s book, Supply Chain Risk. The book provides logistics and supply chain managers with a thorough understanding of the hostile environment to which their shipments are exposed. It examines which industry sectors are more vulnerable than others and which manufacturers and retailers are ahead of the game in introducing resilience into their supply chains.

Logistics, Supply Chain & Operations

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