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The Benefits of Audio Branding

28th February 2017 | Colleen Fahey, Laurence Minsky

Audio Branding (9780749478575) How can audio branding help enhance a brand's value to its consumers? Laurence Minksy and Colleen Fahey, the authors of new book Audio Branding: Using Sound to Build Your Brand, explain why it's so important. 

In Audio Branding, we identify how you have an audio brand whether you like it or not – just like a visual brand. Which means that if it is not properly thought-out, it can come across as disjointed and confusing.  When thoroughly considered and managed, however, an audio brand can help enhance a brand in a number of ways, including:

  • Recall: Recognition of an audio brand can take place in a couple of seconds, sometimes even less. So the more touchpoints you activate with your brand’s music, the more memorable your brand will be.
  • Meaning: Your unique brand sounds can express your specific promise, values, and personality, in a language that's understood around the world, allowing you to communicate and connect with your audience in ways you cannot with words.
  • Coherence: First, something you are likely to already know: each touchpoint builds upon the others. However, the communication, interaction needs and next steps, are different at each touchpoint, often making it difficult to build brand consistency through visual elements alone.  However, a well-maintained audio brand will build on all of the disparate touchpoints even when the visual needs changing, enabling a coherent brand experience and menu of brand associations.
  • Clarity: Each piece of communication conveys an additional layer of meaning when its score is based in the brand’s proprietary sound. The opposite approach, licensing different music for each piece, creates audio chaos.
  • Brand value: Leveraging a sense beyond sight can double your brand impact and build its long-term value. (Think Intel, which is currently in 14th place on Interbrand’s list of Best Global Brands, based on the value the branding contributes to the total value of the company[1]
  • Unity: Your own recognizable music can contribute to a sense of team among your employees, partners, and even customers. Ringtones and other applications can enable these various audiences to show their pride in the branding as well.
  • Simplicity: An audio brand simplifies the process of choosing and paying for music and makes it easy to create global consistency in all of your communications. 
  • Savings: As your library of compositions grows, assets can be repurposed hundreds of times over for every kind of purpose, without incurring additional licensing fees (and each time you use it, you reinforce the consistency of your brand experience).
  • Subtlety: Once you have a consistent audio vocabulary, you can incorporate it in your shareable branded content, without having to shout about your brand. 

The way audio branding works to define your melody, harmony, tempo, texture, instrumentation, and more, is very similar to the way visual branding works in defining your colors, typefaces, logo and other elements, just with a few subtle differences.

Essentially, if you understand the need for a thought-through and well-managed visual brand, you should also understand the need for an audio one. It’s time to get started with your audio brand!

Audio Branding: Using Sound to Build Your Brand, is available to purchase from 3rd March 2017. Save 20% using discount code BMKAB20


[1] Intel Increases Brand Value for 2nd Consecutive Year on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands List https://newsroom.intel.com/news/intel-increases-brand-value-2nd-consecutive-year-interbrands-best-global-brands-list/  Accessed February 27, 2017).

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