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The Big Picture Behind Business Writing Today

14th March 2016 | Fiona Talbot

The Big Picture Behind Business Writing Today

“How many e-mails have you opened this week that wasted your precious time with their waffle? How often have you lost the thread of what a presenter is saying because your attention was waylaid by the sloppy typos in his or her slides?”

The Big Picture behind How to Write Effective Business English follows on from the questions above and some. Writing for business today is definitely not the same as the writing you were taught at school or college.

Yes, you’ll need to get your punctuation and grammar right but that’s where the similarity can end. Business writing today is an evolving medium and the written word is actually taking centre-stage thanks to the dominance of social media, e-mail and instant messaging. No business can afford to stand still and it’s bizarre how many bosses seem to forget that writing needs to get results. Maybe it’s because writing was traditionally regarded as a soft skill. That certainly doesn’t make it a soft option.

Why settle for second best when you can harness the power of a writing system that really works, across both emerging and traditional channels?

Get those building blocks in place and you’ll understand how to design great business writing that achieves goals and creates connections with its audience.

By getting it right you’ll find:

The right message + business focus = personal success, reader satisfaction/delight + corporate gains.

To discover how to create an effective writing system for you and your team, see Fiona's other blog post where she details four steps to build on this.

The game-changer: draw up your customised checklist of what works

Once you’ve put the building blocks in place, by following these steps, you’ll have a system that works, whatever your writing task. By sharing the tips with colleagues, you’ll find you collaborate better too.

Find out for yourself what makes the most difference. Which e-mails or posts have most engaged you today?

Make a checklist and see for yourself, was it because they were:

  • Knowledgeable and leading where you needed them to lead
  • Built rapport 
  • Professional
  • Sending the right information at the right time 
  • Used the right tone for the target audience 
  • Interesting to read in content and style?

Wordpowerskills are free resources that actually work. They can improve efficiency, enhance your results and boost your profits so enjoy harnessing them!




Employability, Careers & Entrepreneurship

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