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The Mindset of Success: Get Your Own X-Factor

27th February 2015

Bestselling author Jo Owen introduces you to the new concept behind his latest book, ‘The Mindset of Success.’ In a world where skills are abundant, your mindset is the most important change you can make.

The Mindset of Success: Get Your Own X-Factor

Look around the places where you work, or volunteer or support. You will always find a few people who stand out from the crowd. These are the people who make things happen. They attract followers; they create energy and transform crises into opportunities. They take people further and faster than anyone expects. So how do they do it?

Over the course of my research, it soon became clear that they act differently because they think differently. This is the mindset difference. It is the invisible key to success: once you have it, you have an advantage that lasts a lifetime and works for you time and again. Mindset is the X-factor that the everyday heroes have – and that anyone else can learn.

The mindset X-Factor is good news for four reasons:

  • The mindset was consistent across all the everyday heroes who took part in research for The Mindset of Success. There is a clear success formula. There is no mystery or magic to it.
  • Mindset is something anyone can learn. Some simple routines will help you to build the habits and way of thinking that will let you achieve more and do more. Like learning a musical instrument or a sport, it takes time to become world class. But even a little practice will set you apart from most of your peers.
  • Mindset lets you make the most of your existing talent. In a world where there is an increasing glut of skills, you need more than skills and hard work to set yourself apart from colleagues who work just as hard as you and have as many skills. Skills can be copied easily: mindset is much harder to observe or copy.
  • Mindset works at any level. With the right mindset you can lead and take control of your destiny, even if you do not have a formal leadership role. Increasingly, leaders have to make things happen through people they do not control. This requires a new way of thinking and behaving.

At first, mindset sounds dangerous. It sounds like we have to wire our brains into machines, change our personality or mess with our heads. Fortunately, the reality is not so dramatic. Mindset is not about changing who you are. It is about becoming the best of who you are. The right mindset lets you focus on your natural strengths. On good days, we can all be positive, bold, resilient and collaborative. That is the essence of the X-factor, and you already have it. The difference is that the everyday heroes are like that every day, and they take these qualities to an extreme. With some simple tools and techniques, you can acquire your own version of the X-factor.

The Mindset of Success by Jo Owen publishes this week on March 3rd. You can prepare for your journey to success by ordering your copy here.

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