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The World is Changing, and So Must You: An Introduction to Project Leadership

2nd January 2015 | Susanne Madsen

How does 'project leadership' differ from 'project management?' The new book by Susanne Madsen, The Power of Project Leadership, will help you transform from project manager to effective project leader.

The World is Changing, and So Must You: An Introduction to Project Leadership

To become a project leader, you need to shift from a reactive and task-oriented mindset into one that is forward-looking, inspirational and collaborative.Download the sample chapter from Susanne Madsen's new book The Power of Project Leadership to learn:

  • What the differences are between management and leadership
  • What the three most fundamental mistakes are that project managers make
  • How technological, social, cultural and economic change is affecting you and how to work with it rather than against it
  • How the 7 keys to project leadership can help you break free from the management trap

Project leaders make use of both leadership and management, but as you grow and develop in your career, you will likely come to rely on leadership over and above management.

In this sample chapter, Susanne Madsen points out that, in contrast to project management, leadership is not a destination you reach – for instance, through a specific type of job – as it is related to the attitudes and behaviours you display more than the skills you possess. In that sense it is possible for someone in a project management role to be perceived as a leader due to the behaviours the person exhibits, and it is equally possible for someone in a CEO role to be perceived as a non-leader. Leadership is not attained through a job title but through a continuous journey of introspection, observation and development.

With underlying theories to help you understand how teams and individuals are motivated, and by drawing on interviews with over 25 project management thought leaders from around the world, The Power of Project Leadership helps you progress as a leader and gain control over your projects and your career.

The Power of Project Leadership is out on the 3rd of January 2015. To order this book at a 25% discount, please enter the code KPNY25 at checkout on this site. 

Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Risk

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