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Three Steps To Being a 4D Leader

24th November 2015 | Dr Alan Watkins

4D Leadership (9780749474645)My new book 4D Leadership comes out in early December and by way of introduction I’ve created sneak preview of the content in the following three key steps to becoming a four dimensional leader:

1) Recognise you are a human being not a human doing.  Too many of us are obsessed with what we’re doing – ticking things off our to do list, getting the chores done – we’re living in the world of doing (IT) and ignoring the critical dimensions of being (I) and also relating (WE). Unless we pay attention to all three dimensions we will never realise our full potential.  

2) Wake Up, Grow Up, Own Up and Show Up. The perceptive amongst you will have realised that in my first point above I talk about three dimensions: being, relating and doing, yet the book is called 4D leadership.  Step two is all about realising there is a fourth dimension – that of increasing sophistication in the other three dimensions of I, WE and IT. So we must wake up to that fact. Then we must grow up, meaning increase our maturity, particularly in the I dimension. This requires us to own up to those aspects of ourselves that we would rather ignore. If we do all that then we will show up in a completely different way; more authentic, more compassionate and more fulfilled.

3) Explore your fourth dimension and reap the rewards. There are widely agreed upon levels of sophistication in the three dimensions of I, WE and IT. Academics have written about these separately, but this book is the first time they have been brought together and put in the context of work and business.

In 4D Leadership, I pull together the most important lessons that can help you increase your altitude in all three dimensions. When you become more mature in the I dimension and increase the sophistication and subtlety of your relationships in the WE dimension then you are so much more capable in the IT dimension and what you are able to do in the world becomes more powerful, more nuanced and more impactful.

Find out how to become a multi-dimensional leader and discover more about the critical fourth dimension of leadership in: 4D Leadership: Competitive advantage through vertical leadership development.


Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Risk

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