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Touchpoint Leadership: How Successful Leaders Reflect and Connect

2nd December 2014 | Hilary Lines, Jacqueline Scholes-Rhodes

Touchpoint Leadership (9780749465780)

A radical change in its commercial approach drove the business to seek a very different type of executive to join its leadership team. An executive search firm helped them recruit Jerry. But within a year Jerry found himself sitting at the edge of the Executive Team meetings, side-lined, irritated, disillusioned. The team barely hid their hostility. He avoided close contact; they avoided confrontation, reserving any comment for ‘behind-the-back’ conversations.

What had gone wrong?   

Does this story sound familiar? Does the success of your business depend on your ability to recruit new skills and experience? If so, how often have you integrated them successfully? And how often have their contribution not lived up to expectations – yours and theirs? How far are your diversity and inclusion programmes really having the impact your business needs?  

We all recognise the unique value difference can bring to the business but we also have to deal with the discomfort it engenders. Without addressing the explosive tension that can be ignited when differences collide both teams and organizations can end up rejecting the very qualities and behaviours they claim to value.

If future leadership depends on connecting all these points of tension then we must find a way to address the challenge.     

In ‘Touchpoint Leadership’, Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes and Hilary Lines invite you to scrutinise your own leadership, to look at how far your good intentions translate into behaviours that foster creativity, learning and growth, and to explore how you can be more effective. They introduce a diverse array of case stories from their coaching and consultancy work to demonstrate how successful leaders apply focus on their ‘touchpoint’ of connection with others in order to build critical business relationships – between individuals, teams and business entities – with significant results. Readers have the opportunity to review their own leadership practice against the Touchpoint Leadership Development Framework, to test their thinking and assumptions through reflective questions, and to develop new approaches that enhance their relationship agility, presence and impact. Their stories show that leaders who make these changes create value not only for their business and their teams, but also experience greater meaning and satisfaction in their lives overall. 

 “Leaders in global businesses are always on the lookout for ways to help them deal with the complexities of flat organisations, matrix structures, country, cultural and language differences - they want to crack the code on how to have their teams fully engaged. The concepts and models in Touchpoint Leadership provides a fresh approach that will help leaders make sense of the world in which they operate and offers some different ideas on how to they might proceed. The case study examples are wide ranging and offer practical insight on many leadership situations.” - Gary Kildare, Global HR Officer IBM Technology Solutions.

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Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Risk

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