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Ultimate CV: Responding to the Changing World of Recruitment

22nd May 2015 | Martin John Yate

The way the professional world works has changed dramatically in the last 15 years and nothing has changed as much as the way companies recruit. Martin John Yate talks you through how to create Ultimate CV; the CV that works first time.

Ultimate CV: Responding to the Changing World of Recruitment

Because everything related to recruitment and selection has changed almost beyond recognition, your job search needs to be re-thought. At the foundation of things that need to be examined is your CV. If it works, you will; if it doesn’t, you won’t.

In the not-so-distant past, someone would have immediately reviewed your CV, but today CVs no longer go straight to a manager’s desk; they are more likely to go to a CV database. This means that before a human being reads your CV, it must be chosen from that database as worth reviewing, and whenever a recruiter searches a CV database or reads a CV, s/he is doing it with a specific job and the language and priorities of that job description in mind.

Ultimate CV will teach you how to build a CV that works. You will walk away with a CV that will land you a new job. Plus, you will learn some key strategies and tactics for your job search, interviews, and even some amazing insights into winning raises and promotions.

Self-Awareness Gives You an Edge

Employers always favour self-aware candidates; and this is exactly what you are about to become. Beyond opening doors of opportunity, the way you build your CV will give you an understanding of:

  •          What employers need
  •          How they think about and prioritize those needs
  •          What you have to do to get their attention and that job offer

Your Employer Wants to Make Money

Staff only get added to the payroll to enhance profitability. If you owned a company, there is no other reason you would add workers to the payroll. So it is implicit in the employment contract that we all contribute to profitability in some way.

You’re there to Solve Problems

No CV gets read, no one gets interviewed, and no one gets hired unless someone somewhere is trying to solve a problem. That problem may be finding a quicker way to manufacture silicon chips. It could be trying to speed up the Accounts Receivable department, or to facilitate social networking for brand management, or any one of a million other profit challenges.

The only reason a job ever comes into existence is because the employer needs to hire someone who can handle the problems that occur in a specific area of professional responsibility. Not having someone is costing them revenue and profits. Problem solving, the application of critical thinking within your area of expertise, is what you are paid to do. It is why every job opening exists, and why every job gets filled with the person who seems to have the firmest grip on how to identify, prevent and solve problems within that job.

Employability, Careers & Entrepreneurship

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