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What's the Score? Decoding What Your IQ Test Really Says About You

27th July 2015 | Philip Carter, Ken Russell

Featuring tests to upgrade your numerical dexterity, supercharge your alpha prowess and challenge your perception with some shape and symbol eye-catchers, the new edition of Ultimate IQ Tests contains everything you need to boost your IQ test performance.

What's the Score? Decoding What Your IQ Test Really Says About You

There are many types of intelligence test; each with its own measure of intelligence. There are at least seven classification groups for IQ test results, and it’s a minefield for anyone attempting to prepare for an IQ test as well as trying to understand the scores. Some classify grades from well below average to very superior, whilst others use classifications such as 'upper extreme' and 'lower extreme' or 'highly gifted' and 'impaired.' 

Results from an IQ test are broadly classified in one of two ways; ratio IQ which is expressed as the ratio of a person’s ‘mental age’ against their ‘chronological age ’. The other is deviation IQ which compares people of the same or similar age; assumes the norm is 100 and measures the deviation of the individuals score either above or below this number - assuming a variation of +/- 15. The latter is more common nowadays.

Anyone looking to take the next step in the career whilst trying to prepare for IQ tests has a real job on their hands. Time spent reviewing scores and classifications from the different methodologies is precious time taken away from one of the surest way to ace your IQ test – so the best solution is always to practise, and you won’t find a bigger or better collection of practice tests than in Ultimate IQ Tests!

This new edition includes a more advanced test which allows you to check your progress as you work through the practice questions. Plus, there is a simplified scoring table which makes it simple to measure your progress, but also give you an easy benchmark for the myriad test scores and interpretations.

Ultimate IQ Tests by Philip Carter and Ken Russell features the largest available collection of practice IQ test questions designed to help you boost your score.

Ultimate IQ Tests is published on August 3rd 2015. You can pre-oder your copy of Ultimate IQ Tests by clicking here and using the discount code UICP25. This discount code is valid until publication day (August 3rd 2015) only.

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