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Why Cover Letters Matter to 91% of Recruiters

10th July 2015 | Martin John Yate

Ultimate Cover Letters, from best-selling author and careers expert Martin John Yate, describes how to open doors to job interviews and offers of employment, and outshine all other candidates. Download the first chapters now and get ahead of the competition.

Why Cover Letters Matter to 91% of Recruiters

In the competitive world of job-hunting everything rests in on first impressions. A recent survey of 1,000 executives revealed that 91 per cent found cover letters valuable in their evaluation of candidates. Your letter can add information that isn’t in your CV, and help to establish a communication channel between two professionals with a common interest.

Ultimate Cover Letters teaches you how to think of potential employers as customers. When you listen to what your customers are saying, you will find that they will tell you exactly what they want to buy! Understanding what is important to your customer- the employer- helps you to understand what that customer wants to buy, and what you need to sell. Knowing what the customer wants to buy makes it much easier to customize your message.

In Ultimate Cover Letters, Martin John Yate sets out his ‘Target Job Deconstruction’ exercise, a foolproof method of finding the right mix of words and examples to use in the perfect scene-setting cover letter. The most difficult part of any letter is knowing what to say and how to say it, but this approach ensures that the topics your letter addresses are going to be of the highest relevance to your recruiters, and the words you should use will have the greatest likelihood of resonating with the reader.

Download the first chapters of Ultimate Cover Letters by Martin John Yate now to get started with writing the perfect covering letter- and, more importantly, learn how to get it into the right hands.

Download the First Chapters of Ultimate Cover Letters here.

Business, Finance, Risk, Information Management

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