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Why I wrote my books and why they are suitable for executives as well as assistants

12th August 2015 | Sue France

The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook


This 3rd edition has been revised to keep it relevant and up to date with accurate information for today’s assistant and the evolution of the role.  After serious research into neuroscience, I have included cutting edge information on human behaviour. With today’s advanced technology, neuroscientists are discovering exciting facts about the brain helping us to understand and to control ourselves better and giving ourselves insights into our own minds and the minds of others. I have translated my findings into practical ways from which you can benefit. They can teach you to understanding what happens in your brain and why you think, feel and act the way you do.

I have added a completely new chapter about how you can use the knowledge of the latest research to get your brain to wok in the most efficient and effective way.    With the newly created Sue France ‘U-SOFAR’ tool you stop your ‘triggers’ from automatically reacting, and instead make a conscious effort to respond with mindfulness and thoughtfulness. The inclusion in the book of the Jan Hills  ‘CORE’ model, which is supported by scientific research, shows you how this model can be used to influence and persuade others and to gain support for your projects. I also explain how to use this model in creating an internal network for assistants. 

Neuroscience tips are added wherever it is appropriate throughout the book and especially in the stress and time management chapters. Since learning neuroscience I found that there were things in the earlier edition that needed to be said or changed, for instance when talking about Maslow's theory of motivation and social connectivity, neuroscience offers a different and more compelling view. I have also updated and added new information that I have been learning since I wrote the 2nd edition in 2012.

The ambitious executive assistant really requires both books to be fully on top of the role and its developing responsibilities. Both books contain completely different topics and both are suitable for every level of admin professional. In fact they are both suitable for executives too enabling them to understand better the role of the assistant and how the two can work together effectively. The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook contains a specific chapter for executives and assistants to share on how to work effectively together. The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook is especially useful if you are a team leader or supervise one or more colleagues. It covers how to lead yourself, your boss and others. Both ‘books have been endorsed by The Institute of Administrative Management.

Here is a testimonial from a CEO about both books:

5 out of 5 stars – Great Resource for Assistants and Execs!

“I am an entrepreneur/CEO, just hiring my first executive/personal assistant. To be honest, I’m a little uncomfortable with this process. I’m used to “doing for myself” and am not fully sure what to expect. I bought the Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook” and “The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook” plus a few other “handbooks” to help me learn more about reasonable expectations for this position. Sue France’s books are the best! So I returned the other books, keeping only the two written by Sue France.

These books address important elements that I would have had to figure out as I go, such as acknowledging and mindfully developing the leadership roles associated with an exec assistant position. Already, I feel that learning curve has been cut in half! There are many more tactical tips for the execution of this role included as well. I am using these books as communication/training for my new assistant and find them very useful! Of all the resources I evaluated and/or purchased, Ms France’s books are the most relevant and practical for the needs of today’s assistants and executives”.

Susan Kruger, M.Ed. SOAR Study Skills

If you would like signed copies of the books you can buy them from www.suefrance.com where you can also download the appropriate resources for each book. 

Sue France FCIPD FInstAM INLPTA is available to speak at conferences, in-house workshops and seminars. Sue is co-owner with Sharon Severn of S&S in2training and they have public workshops running throughout the year. Please see http://www.suefrance.com/ssin2training/ for more information.

Sue has also created a new concept - ‘WORKATION’ which is in line with neuroscience to ensure effective learning, putting short term memory into long term memory, making connections and overall a superb experiential workshops whilst having fun and relaxation in the sun.  In June and September 2016 Sue will be taking 6 lucky assistants on each trip to a private villa with pool in the foothills of the Andalucia mountains for a 7 day all inclusive stay which includes 4 x 4 hour morning workshops with time to relax and let the information sink into your subconscious brain.  

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