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Why Your Business Needs a Continuity Management System

11th November 2014 | Wei Ning Zechariah Wong

Why Your Business Needs a Continuity Management System

Why Your Business Needs a Continuity Management System

Since its publication in 202, ISO 22301 has been the touchstone in the development and management of an effective business continuity management system (BCMS). Though the requirements are accompanied by the guidance, ISO 22313, which provides useful explanation of the principles of the requirements, it does not provide all the necessary information on how the key processes are established. Following the advent of the International Standard, many books have attempted to provide guidance on the implementation of the BCMS. However, most literature is either brief in content or does not provide the pertinent details to the readers. There still exists a deficiency of a handbook that addresses the whole lifecycle of the BCMS.

Business Continuity Management System, the new book by Wei Ning Zechariah Wong and Jianping Shi, sets out to address this gap by providing in detail real-life case examples and approaches based on the authors’ experiences. It is intended to be helpful to both new and seasoned business continuity practitioners who are responsible for the BCMS in their organizations. It describes the underlying concepts of the key activities of the BCMS and how each stage of the management system relates to one another. It explains the different issues that must be addressed at all stages throughout the life cycle of the BCMS. A broad range of connected issues are introduced to enable business continuity practitioners to enhance their knowledge as well as to address their organizational challenges.

Business continuity in the 21st century is here to stay. Business Continuity Management System is intended to act as a catalyst to accelerate progress on the journey from business continuity management to business continuity management system, both by enhancing the BCM competence of the individual readers and by contributing to the shared knowledge for implementing ISO 22301 in organizations.


Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Risk

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