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Radical Business Model Transformation in 50 seconds

15th August 2017

In this video Carsten Linz, Co-author of Radical Business Model Transformation, discusses the systematic change process of moving from one business model type in to the next business model type, and how…

5 Tips for Creating Effective Organizational Change in a 21st Century VUCA World

9th August 2017 | Sarah Lewis

In our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, fast, effective, sustainable change is the key to successful organizational adaptation, survival, re-invention and growth. Yet the change…

HR & Change ManagementHuman Resources & Coaching

Why should coaches be interested in neuroscience?

9th August 2017 | Amy Brann

Be curious. Brilliance often stems from curiosity. As a coach, you are in a hugely privileged position working with people helping them fulfil even more of their potential. You may be drawn to understanding…

CoachingHuman Resources & Coaching

Human Resources meets Artificial Intelligence

3rd August 2017 | Iain Henderson

Writing recently in the UK professional HR journal People Management, Georgi Gyton and Robert Jeffery tell their readers that 'Chatbots can already perform basic HR roles, and what’s coming next…

Human Resources ManagementHuman Resources & Coaching

HRM Standards - Where is L&D?

2nd August 2017 | Mark Loon

Imagine a common set of vernacular for HRM that spanned across the world and sectors. Imagine a world standard that specifies best practices in HRM. Imagine the innovation that this will bring. This may…

Human Resources & CoachingLearning and Development

Why are we surprised by the BBC's gender pay gap revelation?

2nd August 2017 | Malcolm Sargeant

'If you're a woman, you will earn less than a man.' (Teresa May in her first statement as Prime Minister in July 2016).

Employment Law & RelationsHuman Resources & Coaching

The 3 Challenges of International Projects

31st July 2017 | Bob Dignen, Peter Wollmann

As internationalization continues its relentless progress, impacting so many walks of professional life and general society, project professionals, as with so many others, are increasingly stopping to…

Human Resources ManagementLeadershipHuman Resources & Coaching

What's next for organizational change?

28th July 2017 | Sarah Coleman, Bob Thomas

Change happens. Context matters. Business-as-usual is no longer an option. Disruption across geography and industry sectors from agile start-ups, the political environment, technological advancement amongst…

Organizational DevelopmentHR & Change ManagementHuman Resources & Coaching

10 knowledge MUSTS for entrepreneurs

20th July 2017 | Pat Wellington

The word ‘knowledge’ means many things. In 1959, in his seminal book ‘Landmarks of Tomorrow’ the management guru Peter Drucker first used the term ‘knowledge worker’.…

Human Resources ManagementBusiness & Management SkillsEmployee EngagementSmall BusinessOrganizational DevelopmentManagement & LeadershipHuman Resources & CoachingSkills for EntrepreneursHRLearning and DevelopmentManagement and LeadershipBusinessmanagementHuman Resource Management

Doctor Who and Jodie Whittaker. It is all about time too.

18th July 2017 | Charlie Mawer, Andy Bryant

On Sunday 16th July, if you haven’t been living under a rock on Skaro, you would know that Jodie Whittaker was confirmed as the 13th Doctor to take up a sonic screwdriver to protect the human…


Showing 1 - 10 of 909 results