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Natter Matters: How Conversation Creates Your Organization

24th October 2016 | Sarah Lewis

Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management co-editor Sarah Lewis reminds us of the power of talk to change things and provides tips for bringing about change through conversational practice.

Human Resources & Coaching

Professional Practice in L&D: Dynamic Capabilities and Organizational Ambidexterity

24th October 2016 | Mark Loon

In today’s turbulent environment, organizations need to be more adaptive and flexible. Of course core competencies are important and need to be continuously enhanced. However, more organizations…

Human Resources & Coaching

Leading Cultural Change and Building a Culture of Pride

21st October 2016 | David Potter

IntroductionRecently I returned from a summer school at the University of California where I studied the strategies of Silicon Valley success stories such as Google whilst attending NLPU. Throughout the…

Human Resources & Coaching

MacNeice and Bowen discuss Values-Based Management

19th October 2016 | Brian MacNeice, James Bowen

In our book “Powerhouse”, we shared insider accounts of our research into the high-performance models of 12 exemplars drawn from diverse fields of endeavor across the world. We visited each…

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Too Fast to Think: What Can People Do to Prevent Information Overload?

17th October 2016 | Chris Lewis

In this video, Chris Lewis, author of Too Fast To Think, explains how creative industries face the struggles with information overload and how work/life balance has changed significantly.

EducationBusiness & Management SkillsManagement ThinkingBusiness SkillsWork/Life BalanceWorkplace SkillsOrganizational DevelopmentManagement & LeadershipPerformance ManagementSkills for Entrepreneursleadershiphr and coachingManagement and Leadership

Key Issues in the Health and Care Value Chain

13th October 2016 | Tom McGuffog

Given the increasing number of elderly people, along with advances in treatments for many ailments, the costs of caring well for our population are rising substantially faster than the funds being allocated…

LogisticsSupply Chain Managementlogistics

How Can Organizations be more Inclusive in their Recruitment Efforts with Stephen Frost

13th October 2016 | Stephen Frost

In this video, Stephen Frost the co-author of Inclusive Talent Management looks at how can organizations combat homogenous talent management.Stephen Frost works with clients worldwide to embed inclusion…

Talent ManagementHuman Resources & CoachingHR

Too Fast to Think: An Interview with Chris Lewis

11th October 2016 | Chris Lewis

In this video, Chris Lewis, author of Too Fast To Think, discusses where you get your best ideas, what information overload is and how to be more creative despite this.

CoachingBusiness & Management SkillsManagement ThinkingBusiness SkillsLeadershipWork/Life BalanceWorkplace SkillsleadershipManagement and Leadership

Behavioural Risk: the new regulatory challenge

7th October 2016 | Roger Miles

Governments and regulators around the world have recently been paying close attention to a fast-developing branch of social science research: behavioural economics.  This Nobel Prize-winning research…

Risk ManagementManagement & LeadershipManagement and Leadership

Showing 1 - 10 of 622 results