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Doctor Who and Jodie Whittaker. It is all about time too.

18th July 2017 | Charlie Mawer, Andy Bryant

On Sunday 16th July, if you haven’t been living under a rock on Skaro, you would know that Jodie Whittaker was confirmed as the 13th Doctor to take up a sonic screwdriver to protect the human…


Kevin Murray discusses People with Purpose in 80 seconds

17th July 2017 | Kevin Murray

People with Purpose explores the competitive advantage of having a compelling purpose at the heart of your business strategy, especially when combined with powerful values and a focus on relationships.

Business & Management SkillsManagement ThinkingLeadershipManagement & LeadershipleadershipManagement and LeadershipmanagementPurposemanagemnet

Kevin Murray talks about the secret to success

17th July 2017 | Kevin Murray

In this video, Kevin Murray, author of People with Purpose, talks about how the secret to successful business and getting your team aligned is to get your purpose all on one page. Once you have…

Business & Management SkillsLeadershipManagement & Leadership

Behind the Book: The Buyer's Toolkit

12th July 2017 | Jonathan O'Brien

Award-winning author Jonathan O'Brien is back with new insights from his new book, The Buyer's Toolkit. He discusses key themes of the book, including: why we need to buy well; how good buying can make…


The Buyer's Toolkit in 30 Seconds

12th July 2017 | Jonathan O'Brien

Jonathan O'Brien discusses the key features of his new book, The Buyer's Toolkit, in 30 seconds.Jonathan O'Brien is the CEO of the international purchasing consultancy and training provider, Positive…


Employability - Key behaviours for an effective employee

7th July 2017 | Doug Strycharczyk

One of the greatest challenges for all modern businesses in the 21st Century is to ensure that as many people as possible in their organization are economically active and are contributing to the organization.

Human Resources ManagementEmployee EngagementTalent ManagementHuman Resources & Coaching

Showing 1 - 10 of 899 results