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Planning the Negotiation

21st June 2018 | Jonathan O'Brien

The first step in our negotiation planning is to understand what it is we are going to plan for, the type of negotiation this is and the supporting short- to medium-term activities needed.

Logistics & Operations

Financing International Trade

21st June 2018 | Dora Hancock

Sourcing finance, both long term and short term, is one important example of the ability to reduce costs through being a multinational rather than a domestic company.

Management & Leadership

Marketing and Logistics in Harmony

20th June 2018 | Robert Mason, Barry Evans

The prime purpose of an organization is to consistently deliver winning value with integrity – however value may be considered, construed and defined by its customers or users.

Logistics & Operations

Best Practice in User Research

20th June 2018 | Stephanie Marsh

There are many different ways to describe people who use your products, services and content: users, audience, customers or consumers. Involving the right people is one of the fundamentals of doing…


The Circular Economy: Fashion and textiles

20th June 2018 | Catherine Weetman

The fashion industry is a typical ‘linear economy’, with many business models dependent on increasing consumption (and thus disposal).

Logistics & Operations

Marketing for the Modern Age: Using Technology in Businesses

20th June 2018 | Tom Goodwin

What are the implications of 5G? Will 3D printing ruin my business? New technologies cause concern for both businesses and consumers alike. In this video, Tom Goodwin, innovator and author of Digital Darwinism,…

Management ThinkingLeadershipDigital MarketingStrategyInnovationInformation & Data Management

Setting Performance Priorities

20th June 2018 | Nigel Slack

There is a difference between measuring your performance and deciding what you are going to do about it.

Logistics & Operations

Showing 1 - 10 of 1123 results