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Contributing authors of The Kogan Page Case Study Collection share their expertise in logistics, supply chain management and operations. 


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The Maintenance Stores Dilemma

22nd April 2016 | Gwynne Richards

The storage of maintenance parts is a significant challenge for managers. These parts are kept just in case rather than just in time.

MarketingCase Study Collection

Are We Now Seeing Wider Acceptance of Climate Change in Society and Government?

25th February 2015 | David B. Grant, Alexander Trautrims, Chee Yew Wong

Is there such a thing as climate change? The debate over this question has raged for a couple of decades and the answer has been uncertain. For example, on the ‘there is no climate change’…

Supply Chain ManagementLogistics & OperationsCase Study Collection

It’s Time to Rethink Winning in Business

26th November 2014 | Gerard Chick, Robert Handfield

The sporting analogy has long been a favourite with business leaders. With references to sport such as, "going for gold", "marathon not a sprint", "don't drop the ball" – these aphorisms are regularly…

ProcurementLogistics & OperationsCase Study Collection

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