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Book Series

Kogan Page publishes a range of insightful and industry-leading series of books across key areas of business, skills and careers and development.


Business MythsSee all in the series

The Business Myths series tackles the falsehoods that pervade the business world. From leadership and management to PR and the workplace, these authors overturn out-of-date assumptions, skewer stereotypes and put oft-repeated slogans to the myth-busting test. Both entertaining and rigorously researched, these books will equip you with the insight and no-nonsense wisdom you need to succeed.


Business Success SeriesSee all in the series

Whichever kind of business you’re in, the Business Success series provides a range of titles to suit your needs. From starting up at home and managing accounts to securing contracts and managing teams, our industry expert authors combine years of hands-on experience to deliver practical and up-to-date solutions to help you grow your business from the ground up.


Case StudiesSee all in the series

Invaluable for students, academics and industry professionals alike, our case study collection brings operations management (blue), supply chain management (green) and logistics (red) to life.

Alternatively, you can access these case studies by purchasing the complete Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management Case Study Collection. If you are interested in licenses for multiple users, please contact [email protected] today. 


Chartered Banker SeriesSee all in the series

Written by banking experts and published with the Chartered Banker Institute, the Chartered Banker series is a collection of cutting-edge titles carefully developed to support students working towards completing their Chartered Banker certification. The blend of theoretical, practical and applied approaches will offer opportunities for students to test their knowledge and accelerate their professional development in the workplace.


Confident SeriesSee all in the series

The Confident series offers a variety of books that will help you to master the fundamentals of key digital skills. From coding and web design to data and digital content, these books are the perfect beginner's resource to enhancing your professional life, whatever your career path.


Creating SuccessSee all in the series

The Creating Success series covers a wide variety of topics in every area of business, management and personal development. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your presentation skills, write a comprehensive business plan or even learn how to deal with difficult people, you’ll find reliable advice in these practical books on essential business skills. 


Elite Student SeriesSee all in the series

Whether applying for medical or law school, the civil service or indeed any other qualification, the Elite Student series provides an impressive array of titles to suit your needs. From revision techniques to developing essential skills, our specialist authors will take you from choosing your ideal career to helping you ace your final exams.


HR Fundamentals SeriesSee all in the series

The HR Fundamentals are succinct, practical guides for students and those starting out in Human Resources. They are endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the UK professional body for HR and people development, which has over 145,000 members worldwide.


Market Research in Practice SeriesSee all in the series

A unique series of books published in collaboration with the Market Research Society (MRS), designed to explore and advise on the latest developments in market research thinking and practice.


Marketing ScienceSee all in the series

The Marketing Science series makes difficult topics accessible to marketing students and practitioners by grounding them in business reality. Each book is written by an expert in the field and includes case studies and illustrations so marketers can gain confidence in applying the tools and techniques and in commissioning external research.


PR in Practice SeriesSee all in the series

Published in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), the PR in Practice series comprises accessible, practical introductions to day-to-day issues of public relations practice and management. The series' action-oriented approach keeps knowledge and skills up-to-date.


The 30 Day MBA SeriesSee all in the series

The 30 Day MBA Series demonstrates that going to business school is not the only way to acquire an MBA skill set - and that there are ways to gain the same knowledge, while saving both time and money.


The Ultimate SeriesSee all in the series

The Ultimate series will take you all the way from starting your job search to completing an interview. This series offers tips and tricks to refine your CV and cover letter, practice interview questions, and more. These practical books on essential job search skills are indispensable and offer the best chance at getting the job you want.