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European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit 2016

20-22 June
Barcelona, Spain

Join over 350 of your peers from across Europe to see how you can reduce costs, increase efficiency and build flexibility into your future operations.

Kogan Page will be attending the European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit on 20-22 June in Barcelona. Sharing insights from leaders in the field, the event provides best practice guidance on implementing effective supply chain strategies and improving supply chain planning.

Key themes include:

  • Designing the Value Chain of the Future
  • Harnessing Logistics to Satisfy Customers
  • Leveraging the Global Economy
  • Unleashing the Power of Data
  • Enhancing Competitiveness Through Technology

Find out more about the event here: www.sclsummit.com

mark-millar-2015.jpgMark Millar
, author of Global Supply Chain Ecosystems, will be presenting the opening comments and chairing the opening session, 'Supply Chain Strategies for The Asian Century'. Mark will examine why and how supply chains have evolved into multi-faceted ecosystems. He will share perspectives from Asia on latest supply chain challenges and opportunities, and explore strategies for competitive advantage in a complex, connected world. 




martin-christopher.jpgMartin Christopher, author of Business Operations Models, Leading Procurement Strategy, and Humanitarian Logistics, will be speaking on ‘Creating Supply Chain Flexibility to Cope With a Shifting Landscape’. He will discuss how to manage supply chains in an era of uncertainty, master supply chain complexity, and build an adaptive supply chain.




jonathan-gorst-picture.jpgJonathan Gorst will be speaking on ‘Reverse Logistics: The Sustainable Way to Meet Customers’ Expectations and Reduce Costs’. He will discuss how you can utilize reverse logistics to create value and have a positive impact on the bottom line.





For further information about Mark Millar, Martin Christopher and Jonathan Gorst speaking at the event click here.