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Have You Planned for a Successful Retirement? - Press Release

The Good Retirement Guide 2017 (9780749478674)

2nd December 2016 - The Good Retirement Guide 2017: Everything You Need to Know About Health, Property, Investment, Leisure, Work, Pensions and Tax

Have you planned for a successful retirement?

Written by the Allan Esler Smith and Frances KayThe Good Retirement Guide 2017 is essential reading for all those looking forward to making the most of their retirement.

Whether it is a relaxing, action-packed or financially rewarding retirement you are looking for, this is the book for you. In retirement, personal ambitions can be realized and new experiences enjoyed. Yet with so much to consider, people are often unsure how best to plan for their future and the scope for concern and confusion is even greater with changing retirement ages and pension rules. The Good Retirement Guide 2017 offers clear and concise suggestions on a broad range of subjects for UK retirees.

The Guide includes information on areas such as pensions, tax, investment, starting your own business, leisure activities, paid work, voluntary work, how to avoid being scammed, health, holidays, looking after elderly parent and wills.

Revised and updated, the 2017 edition is packed with hundreds of useful suggestions and helpful websites to browse. This is an indispensable book that you will refer to again and again before and during retirement.

The Financial Times praises The Good Retirement Guide 2017 saying it is “invaluable for those who want to take their retirement seriously”.

Further commendation from Business Plus, “Written in a lively style, the Guide is the most comprehensive in its field”.

Pensions Management commented that this is "the ideal reference book for a pension scheme to give to a retiring member".

About the authorsAllan Esler Smith is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and specialises in helping people start up in business, accounts and tax. Allan has also held a number of senior roles in City Regulation investigations and has worked in film/media. Allan is very well placed to share his hints and tips and sound practical advice in The Good Retirement Guide.

Frances Kay is an author, researcher, coach and consultant. She has been the editor of The Good Retirement Guide since 2008. With many years' work experience covering politics, law and the diplomatic service, the majority of her time is now spent writing, researching, editing and giving talks based on her book topics. She is a regular speaker on retirement issues on both local and national radio.

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