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Our Latest Coaching Titles

Kogan Page offers members of the Association of Coaching an exclusive 25% off the following titles. Use the code ACKP25 when prompted at the checkout to claim your discount.


Association for Coaching Titles

Diversity in Coaching (9780749466626)   Excellence in Coaching (9780749474454)  Leadership Coaching (9780749473297)    Mastery in Coaching (9780749471798)  Psychometrics in Coaching (9780749466640)  Strength-Based Leadership Coaching in Organizations (9780749474430)   Supervision in Coaching (9780749455330)


New and Noteworthy Coaching Titles

Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation (9780749468309)  Neuroscience for Coaches (9780749472375)  Leadership Team Coaching in Practice (9780749469726)  How to Create a Coaching Culture (9780749469788)  Leadership Team Coaching (9780749469702)  Coaching Presence (9780749470579)  Performance Coaching (9780749470319)  Success as a Coach (9780749469092)  Group Coaching (9780749467593)  Mindful Coaching (9780749465667)  Coaching for Resilience (9780749466459)  50 Top Tools for Coaching (9780749473440)  Top Business Psychology Models (9780749464653)  Facilitating Reflective Learning (9780749465070)  Systemic Coaching and Constellations (9780749475499)  Emotional Fitness Coaching (9780749465568)  Developing Mental Toughness (9780749473808)  Emotional Intelligence Coaching (9780749463564)  Managing Coaching at Work (9780749461362)    Tales for Coaching (9780749461010)  NLP Coaching (9780749454524)