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Kogan Page Inspire

Kogan Page Inspire is the home of truly innovative and cutting-edge content. We offer an insightful and challenging analysis of the new world of business. We open doors for those facing unprecedented rates of change, disruption and opportunities. Building on Kogan Page’s reputation and excellence in publishing leadership and management books, our specialist titles focus on the changing business narrative that we are witnessing in a VUCA world. From Digital transformation, to the age of machines and artificial intelligence, Kogan Page Inspire invites you to reframe your understanding of innovation and leadership and prepares you for doing business today.

Our readers are inquisitive, they challenge the status quo and strive to always be a step ahead. They have an unquenchable thirst and curiosity and are leading the way to business success. 

Our authors are global thinkers, influential business leaders and they will inspire you to think differently.