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Marketing is Finally Entering an Age of Empathy - Press Release

Marketing with Strategic Empathy (9780749477547)30th August 2016 - Marketing with Strategic Empathy: Inspiring Strategy with Deeper Consumer Insight

Marketing is Finally Entering an Age of Empathy

Traditional marketing theory and current best practice of marketing strategy formation are out of sync. With current emphasis largely on flexible marketing strategies, there is a constant risk of branding strategy changing without careful consideration of consumer insight. So, the key challenge today is to equip managers and employees with the tools and skills to face this new paradigm. To confront this challenge Claire Brooks, President and MD of ModelPeople Inc, proposes the Strategic Empathy approach. At its core, Strategic Empathy suggests that empathy with and understanding of customers or service users can be learned as a form of ‘muscle memory’, helping quick, constructive reactions in strategy and activation. In her new book, Marketing with Strategic Empathy, Brooks explains how marketers can use strategic empathy processes and tools to learn, activate and communicate deep insights and strategies for success.

Theoretically grounded and developed over 12 years of insight and strategy Development, Marketing with Strategic Empathy uses more than 50 case studies from businesses and not-for-profits to empower cross-functional teams to collaborate and engage in immersive strategic learning and flexible strategic planning which has empathy for the consumer as its foundation. From an explanation of why marketers need empathy through to strategic learning frameworks, new templates for a successful marketing strategy, processes that can be implemented and lessons that can be learned, this book makes clear the key changes that marketers need to make when developing a competetive marketing strategy.

Giving advanced praise for the book Nicki Shovar, former Director of Consumer Research at Ubisoft, said that 'this book is a refreshing antidote to the over-reliance on "big data" in today's consumer insights world. Claire has graciously shared her excellent techniques for discovering truly actionable insights.’ Meanwhile, Mic Zavarella, Senior Director, Marketing at PepsiCo commented that ‘Claire has an innate talent for discovering the actual motivation and truth behind consumer responses. Her command of the insights tools and methodologies in this book, coupled with an adaptable style and intuitive sense for how to employ those tools, helps her arrive at the big "AHA" moment more quickly and more frequently than any other insights professional’.

About the author: Claire Brooks is president and managing director of ModelPeople Inc, a global branding company offering branding insights and strategic solutions to a wide range of international clients. Claire has almost 30 years' experience in brand management, brand planning and strategic market research with Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies in both Europe and the US.

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