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Marketing & PR Press Releases


If you are a journalist and would like to receive Marketing, Advertising, Branding & PR press releases, arrange an author interview or by-lined article, or have a news related query, please contact: Natasha Tulett

April 2018

5th April 2018 - Sales and Marketing Channels - How to build and manage distribution strategy

3rd April 2018 - Disruptive Selling - A new strategic approach to sales, marketing and customer service

29th March 2018 - Questionnaire Design - How to plan, structure and write survey material for effective market research

27th March 2018 - Marketing Analytics - A practical guide to improving consumer insights using data techniques

March 2018

16th March 2018 - User Research - A practical guide to designing better products and services

15th March 2018 - Participation Marketing - Unleasing employees to participate and become brand storytellers

6th March 2018 - Video Marketing Strategy - Harness the power of video to drive brand growth

January 2018

10th January 2018 - Predictive Analytics for Marketers - How predictive analytics will win you the competitive advantage

November 2017

20th November 2017 - Digital Branding, 2e - Why digital branding isn’t about logos, visual identity or sponsorship

16th November 2017 - Experiential Marketing - Why just creating a live event is no longer enough

14th November 2017 - B2B Marketing Strategy - Why B2B marketers should stop focusing on tactics

October 2017

23rd October 2017 - Design Management - Does your design achieve creative engagement?

September 2017

26th September 2017 - The Escape Industry - Why is the concept of travel so appealing?

20th September 2017 - Branding Inside Out - How to create value through internal branding

14th September 2017 - Native Advertising - How to be an effective native advertiser

August 2017

10th August 2017 - The Marketing Complex - Can you describe a brand in a single sentence?

July 2017

26th July 2017: Malcolm McDonald On Key Account Management - Develop your key accounts and improve business growth

20th July 2017: Innovative B2B Marketing - Your guide to the new B2B marketing mix

June 2017

21st June 2017: The People Business - Why Internal Communication is key to business success

May 2017

26th May 2017: Content: The Atomic Particle of Marketing - The Strategic Big Bang Marketers Can't Afford To Miss

April 2017

25th April 2017: Industry X.0 - How Industrial Businesses Can Master Digitization

20th April 2017: Ad Law - How To Protect The Reputation Of Your Brand

18th April 2017: Selling Your Value Proposition - The Secret Of Confident Businesses: Selling What Customers Really Value

March 2017

15th March 2017: Artificial Intelligence Marketing and Predicting Consumer Choice - The Human Side of Advanced Analytics 

13th March 2017: Myths of PR - The Press Release Is Dead

February 2017

24th February 2017: Audio Branding - Why A Brand Experience Must Include An Earprin

6th February 2017: A Practitioner's Guide to Account-Based Marketing - The Rise of Account-Based Marketing: How to Win With Key Accounts

January 2017

24th January 2017: Essentials of Advertising - What Different Research Traditions Say About Advertising – And Why

23rd January 2017: Neuro Design - How Engaging is Your Digital Content?

20th January 2017: Mobile Marketing - How to Tackle the Challenge of Divided User Attention

December 2016 

21st December 2016: E-Commerce Website Optimization - Why 95% of Your Website Visitors Don’t Buy – And What You Can Do About It

14th December 2016: Creativity and Data Marketing - What Data Marketing Can Tell Us About Human Behaviour

12th December 2016: Building Digital Culture - Why Digital Culture is Central to Business Success

3rd December 2016: In Your Creative Element - Do You Know the Formula For Creative Success In Business?

November 2016

24th November 2016: Brand Protection in the Online World - How Can Brands Protect Themselves From Online Threats?

4th November 2016: Understanding Digital Marketing – 4th Edition

October 2016

14th October 2016: In Your Creative Element – How Can You Boost Your Team’s Creativity?

September 2016

28th September 2016: Digital Selling – 21st Century Sales Needs a Fresh Standard

22nd September 2016: Marketing with Strategic Empathy – Is Empathy the Secret to Success for the New Amazon Echo?

15th September 2016: The TV Brand Builders – The Great British Bake Off and the Value of a Brand

August 2016

30th August 2016: Marketing with Strategic Empathy – Marketing is Finally Entering an Age of Empathy

19th August 2016: Tactical SEO – It’s Time to Re-evaluate Your SEO Strategy

July 2016

27th July 2016: Rethinking Prestige Branding – From Style Icons to Culture Hubs: Why prestige brands are rethinking their leadership structures