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Press Release: Essential port guide out now

Port Management (9780749474324)

30th November 2017: Port Management: Cases in Port Geography, Operations and Policy

Essential port guide out now

Goods just get from manufacturer to consumer, with the latter hardly giving a spare thought to the supply chain. Ports, containers and the sea are elements of international trade and supply chain that are little thought of. For those devoted to the study of the sea and its part in the supply chain, or those seeking to understand the port’s link in the supply chain, this guide is essential.

Released on 3rd December 2017, Port Management: Cases in Port Geography, Operations and Policy is edited by two experts in how transport plays a key part in international trade. Pulling a stellar repertoire of contributors, the editors take a look at the numerous types of business interactions that occur at active ports.

Edited by two leading academics who have conducted research for the Department of Transport and the United Nations, Port Management: Cases in Port Geography, Operations and Policy covers all the key aspects of management, administration and policy, and fills gaps in the existing literature within this area. This book is the definitive guide for students and practitioners looking for an all-encompassing and objective overview of the port industry.

Professor John Mangan, Chair in Marine Transport and Logistics at the School of Engineering at Newcastle University, endorsed the book, describing it as a ‘comprehensive and wide-ranging text which gives many useful insights into a number of aspects of the global ports sector. It will be of value to all who have an interest in the role and development of the world’s ports and relevant cognate areas – academics, practitioners, consultants and policy makers’.

About the authors: Dr Stephen Pettit is a researcher for the Transport and Shipping Research Group in Cardiff Business School, UK. He has been involved in a range of transport-related research including a ground-breaking project for the UK Department of Transport.

Professor Anthony Beresford is Programme Director for the MSc International Transport at Cardiff University, UK and Director for the suite of Masters Programmes in Logistics and Operations Management. Professor Beresford has travelled widely in an advisory capacity within the ports and transport fields in Europe, Asia and North America.

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