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These actionable and practical resources developed by industry experts are produced alongside our publications. Access case studies, checklists, templates, bonus chapters, lecture slides, student resources, web links and many other tools to help boost your productivity and organization. Access our most popular resources below:

Human Resources, L&D, Coaching & CIPD Resources

Business, Finance, Risk, Information Management Resources

Marketing and Public Relations Resources

Logistics, Operations & Supply Chain Management Resources

Employability, Careers & Entrepreneurship Resources



Workforce Planning Toolkit 
From Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice (9780749474119)

Coaching Self-Assessment Questionnaire 
From 50 Top Tools for Coaching (9780749473440)

Toolkit on Examining the Future Work Environment
From Organizational Development and Change (9781843984177)

Candidate Assessment Form
From The Employer’s Handbook, 2017-2018 (9780749479534)

Grade and Pay Structure Models
From Armstrong's Handbook of Reward Management Practice (9780749473891)


Bonus Chapter on Beyond the Big Data Buzz
From Data Strategy (9780749479855)

Template on the Consequences of Risk
From Risk Management (9780749468385)

Business Planning and Budgeting Process Template 
From Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers (780749464677)

Bonus Chapter on the History of Economics
From Economics for Business (9780749470197)

Bonus Chapter on Modelling the Business
From Business Analysis and Leadership (9780749468620)


Digital Strategy Template
From Digital Marketing Strategy (9780749474706)

Bonus Chapter on Measuring a Customer Journey 
From Social Selling (9780749478018)

16 Case Studies on Digital Marketing
From Understanding Digital Marketing (9780749478438)

Toolkit on Seven Habits of Highly Effective Communication
From Paid Attention (9780749473600)

Reporting Template for Market Research Findings
From Market Research In Practice (9780749475857)


Glossary of Logistics Terms
From Warehouse Management (9780749469344)

Figures and Tables on Sustainable Logistics & Supply Chain Management
From Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management (9780749478278)

Useful Formulae on Logistics and Distribution Management
From The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management (9780749476779)

Bonus Chapter on E-Logistics - An Introduction
From E-Logistics (9780749472665)

Bonus Chapter on Inventory Management
From Inventory Management (9780749473686)


Guide to the Ultimate Job Search and Interview
From Ultimate Job Search (9780749474157)

Self-Test Questions and Answers on Organisational Behaviour
From The Business Plan Workbook (9780749472832)

Bonus Chapter on Business Communication
From The 30 Day MBA (9780749475000)

Exercises to Improve Mental Arithmetic 
From How to Pass the QTS Numeracy and Literacy Skills Tests (9780749478292)

Bonus Chapter with 14 CV Examples
From Great Answers to Tough CV Problems (9780749462802)