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Academic Inspection/Evaluation Copies

Kogan Page provides complimentary inspection copies to academics from accredited colleges or universities looking for teaching material. In return, we ask that you complete a feedback form within 30 days of receiving your copy and notify your library, campus bookshop or purchasing department if your students will be using the book.

Print Copies: If you are based in the UK, Scandinavia (including Finland and Iceland), Benelux, Austria, Germany, the Republic of Ireland or Switzerland, then you can request up to 5 complimentary print copies per year. Your allocation will renew every September 1st.

Electronic Copies: All lecturers globally can receive an unlimited number of electronic inspection copies for 365 days each via the KorText platform. You will need to register for a free KorText account to be able to access electronic copies. 

How to Request an Inspection/Evaluation Copy

1. Register for a Kogan Page account and tick ‘Request an Academic Account’ at the bottom of the form. If you are already registered, then you must be logged in to request copies.

2. Visit our product pages and click the ‘Request Inspection Copy’ buttons. Alternatively, you can request copies below:


Request inspection copy

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3. We will email you within two working days to confirm whether your request has been approved.

4. If your request meets our Terms and Conditions below, print copies will be delivered within 3-6 working days for UK orders and 5-10 working days for all other orders. Links to electronic copies will be delivered via email within two working days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are inspection copies, evaluation copies and desk copies the same thing?
A. Yes – the terminology differs depending on where you live.

Q. Is my inspection copy completely free of charge?
A. Yes – we offer inspection copies as a free service to verified academics who are teaching or preparing for classes with a minimum of 10 students and fill out our online feedback form after receiving their copy.

Q. How many copies can I order per year?
A. You can receive an unlimited number of electronic copies. If you are based in the UK, Scandinavia (including Finland and Iceland), Benelux, Austria, Germany, the Republic of Ireland or Switzerland, then you also can request up to 5 print copies per year. Your allocation will renew every September 1st.  

Q. Are inspection copies available for every book?
A. No – we offer inspection copies for books that are likely to be used adopted for teaching or recommended on your reading list such as textbooks and specialist books for professionals. Some titles are available for eInspection only. If you do not see the ‘Request Inspection Copy’ button on the product page, then the title is not available for inspection, but you can buy a copy using your academic discount. If you believe that the book is highly likely to be used for your course, then you can send the full title and ISBN to kpinfo@koganpage.com

Q. Where can I get help with accessing my electronic inspection copy?
A. You can find answers to commonly asked questions about the Kortext platform here: https://www.kortext.com/support-and-accessibility
Alternatively, you can email us at kpinfo@koganpage.com 

Q. Where can I find the supporting resources for my title?
A. Not all books have supporting resources. When they are available, supporting resources are located on the book's product page. If the book does have supporting resources, then you will see a 'View Resources' button on the right-hand side of the page and you will be redirected to a download form. If you think there should be supporting resources for a book but cannot find them then please email kpinfo@koganpage.com

Q. Can I create a custom publication for my course based on content from Kogan Page books?
A. Custom publications are available. Minimum order sizes of at least 100 copies apply. Please contact corporate-enquiries@koganpage.com for more information.

Q. My inspection copy hasn’t arrived!

  • We are unable to send inspection copies in either format before the date of publication
  • You will receive your electronic inspection copy within two business days of requesting an account with us. The email with access instructions will come from Kogan Page (via Kortext) with a subject line of Kortext Review copy from Kogan Page. You may need to check your BULK/SPAM or JUNK mail folder. If the book has not yet published, then you can expect to receive it within one week after publication.
  • If you have ordered a print inspection copy of a book that hasn’t yet published, you will receive your copy within 2-5 days of the publication date. For all other missing copies, please check your university’s general mailroom before contacting us. If you are unable to locate your parcel, please contact kpinfo@koganpage.com 

Q. How do I submit my feedback online?
A. Please provide us with your feedback for each book you receive and let us know whether you have decided to use it.





Terms and Conditions

Inspection/Evaluation copies are not available for every title. We reserve the right to refuse a request for an inspection copy. You must teach 10 or more students in your course to qualify for a copy. Kogan Page reserves the right to change the format (print/ebook) of the book you receive. When print inspection copies are available, Kogan Page only will ship to a verified college or university address. If online feedback is not provided within 30 days, Kogan Page reserves the right to invoice you or deny further requests for inspection copies. By requesting a complimentary inspection copy, you are agreeing for Kogan Page to contact you to obtain feedback and confirmation that you will be using the book, to recommend similar titles and to provide additional information about our products.