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Can you describe a brand in a single sentence? - The Marketing Complex Press Release

The Marketing Complex (9780749481124)

10th August 2017 - The Marketing Complex, Why modern marketers need to manage multiplicity

Can you describe a brand in a single sentence?

Many marketers spend their days continually reducing brand positioning and messages to as short a sentence as possible, to answer questions like “What is the brand message?” or “What is the USP?” A tendency that has carried over from a long-gone era where products and services remained static and changes in platforms happened much more slowly.

The perpetual need to condense and simplify has become engrained in many marketers, yet today, brands are infinitely more complex and require much more than a single sentence to communicate a branding message. After all, a brand is like a person, and you can never accurately describe a person in just one sentence.

Now, challenging marketer’s current obsession with over-simplification, the new book The Marketing Complex by Giles Lury, fearlessly addresses whether marketers are blurring the line between simplifying and simplistic, and severely limiting a brand’s potential scope as a result.

By exploring the origins and appeal of simplification through some of the best-known literature, Giles Lury conclusively proves that endless simplification actually only serves to limit a brand’s appeal. Presenting a visionary new model which is supported by examples, tools and expertly-explained techniques, The Marketing Complex will enable marketers to recognise the importance of depth and multiplicity in communicating a brand message, so they can boldly embrace complexity, and craft a brand with authenticity and value.

Gemma Greaves, Chief Executive, The Marketing Society praised the book as “a game changer for marketers” that is “full of practical tips and frameworks for embracing the complexity of brand management and enabling true value and impact.” Matt Close, Executive Vice President, Global Ice Cream, Unilever also commended Lury’s approach, describing how the book “gets to the heart of how brands and branding really work in a complex and ambiguous world. In a dumbed-down and sound bite culture, Lury makes a great case for why we must think harder and deeper about the purpose and philosophy behind our brands if we want them to thrive.”

About the authors: Giles Lury is a Director of leading brand consultancy, The Value Engineers, and leading author on marketing. He has worked in advertising, market research, packaging design, corporate identity and brand consultancy. He specialises in brand positioning, brand architecture and innovation. Giles has won two IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards and a gold award at the AMSO Research Effectiveness Awards.

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The Marketing Complex - ISBN: 9780749481124, Price: £19.99 – is available to purchase from 3rd September 2017. For a review copy, a by-lined article or to arrange an interview with the author, please contact Natasha Tulett: NTulett@koganpage.com or +44 (0)20 7843 1925. 


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