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The Rise of Business Consciousness

brands-with-a-conscience-web-thumbnail.jpgThe business world is in the midst of two evolutions – those of technology and of the planet. The evolution of technology means that being the biggest no longer means being the best, and even the smallest businesses can develop a global reach and have an impact on the bottom line of multinational corporations. The evolution of the planet is evidenced in the acidification of the oceans, increasing annual droughts and the fact that 30,000 species are thought to go extinct every year – roughly 3 per hour. With these two evolutions in mind, an ever-growing number of consumers are turning to brands which take a more conscientious, ethical approach to business.

Brands with a Conscience shows how brands and businesses can behave ethically and achieve impressive business success. Through inspiring and provocative case studies from around the world, looking at companies such as, Adidas, H&M and Tata Steel, the authors develop an easy-to-adopt framework on how to engage consumers and enhance brand reputation in a conscientious way. Compiled by a range of expert contributors spanning a broad array of industries, Brands with a Conscience is the definitive expert guide to ethical brand practice.

Giving advanced praise for the book, Professor Stuart Roper of the Bradford University School of Management said “In an age of understandable scepticism about brands, it is refreshing to see a more rounded view of branding being taken by Sandra Horlings and Nicholas Ind. Being a brand with a conscience isn't another gimmick but should be a way of life for a brand; a recognition that brands can improve our lives. This interesting and varied collection of case studies highlights how deep seated values should be at the core of 21st Century brand management.”


About the authors:

Nicholas Ind is an associate professor at Oslo School of Management and a partner in Equilibrium Consulting. Previously he ran Icon Medialab's brand consultancy arm in Sweden. He is former director of the Design Business Association (UK), a member of the advisory board of Corporate Reputation Review and the editorial board of the Journal of Brand Management. He was a founder member of the Medinge Group, an international branding think tank. Nicholas is the author of eleven books including Beyond Branding, Living the Brand and Brand Together, all published by Kogan Page. 

Sandra Horlings is a branding and marketing consultant specializing in sustainable business development in a circular economy. Before she founded Wonderwings in 2008, she was a member of the BBDO board in the Netherlands and responsible for Proximity in Amsterdam. Sandra is a guest lecturer and corporate trainer. She is a member of Medinge and a founder of Wereldmarketeers, a Dutch knowledge and inspiration platform for marketers and entrepreneurs on sustainable innovation, endorsed by NIMA, the Dutch Marketing Association.

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