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What is life like in the middle? - Press Release

The Outstanding Middle Manager (9780749474669)2nd September 2016 - The Outstanding Middle Manager: How to be a Healthy, Happy, High-performing Mid-level Manager

What is life like in the middle?

Co-written by President of the CIPD and BAM, Professor Sir Cary Cooper, and business psychologist and management consultant Gordon TinlineThe Outstanding Middle Manager a ground-breaking practical guide to forging a successful, dynamic and fulfilling career in middle management or senior specialist roles. Readers can discover: strategies for managing upwards as well as downwards, how to deal effectively with generational differences and an evolving workplace, influencing, empowerment and team-building skills, and stress- and life-management strategies that bring clarity and purpose.

Ann Francke, Chief Executive, Chartered Management Institute, praises Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, calling it “Caught in the middle? This great new book will help you make the most of it whether you are managing, being managed or looking at talent development from the top. Tapping into oft- misunderstood middle managers' talents is more important now than ever. This book helps you to do just that!”

Further commendation from Andy Rubin, CEO of the Pentland Group and Chairman of Pentland Brands, “As technology speeds the world up, middle managers have a crucial role to play in inspiring and caring for their teams and connecting the front line with senior leadership. This book will help those who are in the Middle to set goals, learn from their experiences and push on to achieve their potential for themselves and their teams”.

About the authors: Gordon Tinline is an experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologist and management consultant. He worked with business psychology consultancy Robertson Cooper for fifteen years and now operates on a freelance basis, delivering training and development programmes to improve employee welfare and business performance. Gordon has worked a wide range of businesses and organizations, including the BBC, the NHS, RBS, Shell and Rolls-Royce.

Professor Sir Cary Cooper is co-founder of Robertson Cooper and Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK. He is recognized as a world-leading expert on well-being and work-related stress, and was knighted in 2014 for his services to Social Science. He is President of the British Academy of Management and President of RELATE.

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