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Be a Free Range Human

Be a Free Range Human

Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills

Marianne Cantwell


Be a free range human! Get the freedom and fulfilment you crave by working for yourself without going broke, working when and where you want and getting paid to do the things you really want to do.

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About the book

Free Range is the new career change

Trapped in a job that's 'just not you'? Always dreaming of your next vacation and counting down to the weekend? Imagine getting paid to do something that brings you alive, without ever having to walk into an office again. It's all possible with this smart guide that breaks you out of the career-cage and puts you in control of your life. Be a Free Range Human is a breezy, energizing and straight-talking guide to creating an amazing lifestyle and a great income, doing what you love (on your own terms).

Packed with inspiring case studies from people who've done it, this book shares unconventional ideas and practical steps to:

·Discover what you really want to do with your life
·Create a 'free range' career tailor-made for your unique personality and interests
·Ditch the job and still make as much (or more) as you do now
·Get time and location freedom (make money travelling the world or hanging out in your favourite café)
·Get started in 90 days, for less than £100 (you don't need an MBA, funding or stuffy business plan to do it)
·Stand out from the crowd and do things your way!

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 20: How to decide who gets to give you money;
    • Chapter - 21: How to brand like a rock star;
    • Chapter - 22: How to stand out from the crowd;
    • Chapter - 23: How to do the Free Range Faststart;
    • Chapter - 24: How to get clients without paying for advertising;
    • Chapter - 25: Instant status;
    • Chapter - 26: How to communicate in an unsucky way;
    • Chapter - 27: Why you don’t have to be an all-rounder (you don’t have to do it all alone);
    • Chapter - 28: How to sell without selling your soul;
    • Chapter - 29: Get comfortable with setting your salary;
    • Chapter - 30: What to do when you get stuck (when to give up and when to give in);
    • Chapter - 31: How to live and work anywhere;
    • Chapter - 32: How to quit your job: 10 steps to freedom
    • Chapter - 19: Why you don’t need to appeal to everyone;
    • Chapter - 18: Why you don’t need a business plan (or an MBA);
    • Chapter - 17: Making a living without an office (or a boss);
  • Section - FOUR: Build your free range escape hatch;
    • Chapter - 16: What to do with those reasons why not;
    • Chapter - 15: Meet the people who don’t want you to escape the career cage (or: the beige army unmasked);
    • Chapter - 14: How to know if your idea will work (test your idea in seven days);
    • Chapter - 13: How to start for under £100;
    • Chapter - 12: How to free range-ify your idea;
    • Chapter - 11: What a free range business looks like (or: what can I do other than start a café?);
    • Chapter - 10: Why you don’t need oodles of experience (what you have to offer other than your CV);
    • Chapter - 09: Why you don’t need an original idea;
  • Section - THREE: Think like a free range human;
    • Chapter - 08: Taking free range action;
    • Chapter - 07: Spot your superpowers;
    • Chapter - 06: How to create your perfect ‘career’ when you want to do everything;
    • Chapter - 05: Defrosting – your secret weapon in figuring out what you want;
    • Chapter - 04: Dream big – then get off your butt and do it;
    • Chapter - 03: Why doing what you love is not negotiable;
  • Section - TWO: Creating your free range life (how to decide what you really want);
    • Chapter - 02: Why this matters now;
    • Chapter - 01: What your school career adviser never told you;
  • Section - ONE: Get ready for the ride;
    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749466107
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd January 2013
  • Paperback
  • Dimensions: 216x138
  • 280 pages

About the Author

Marianne Cantwell is an expert on creating a free range career and a successful work-life doing what you love. She is a leading writer and international speaker and runs courses about how to make a living working when, where and how you want. A corporate escapee herself, Marianne now lives and works in several countries a year (carrying her business in a very stylish backpack).

Marianne Cantwell