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Managing Knowledge Security

Strategies for Protecting Your Company's Intellectual Assets

Managing Knowledge Security is a comprehensive analysis of knowledge security, combining elements of knowledge management, security management, competitive intelligence, crisis management and protecting intellectual property.
EAN: 9780749449612
Edition: 1
Format: 240x164
224 pages

About the book

Managing Knowledge Security is a comprehensive reference detailing how to secure both the physical and intangible assets owned by a business. Citing international examples such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Google, Boeing and Amazon, the author covers all aspects of knowledge protection from employee retention strategies, to physical security and how to deal with crises.

The book stresses the importance of taking measures to retain key assets and to avoid data and knowledge falling into the hands of competitors. It also offers practical strategies based on the author's experience of working in the field. The concluding chapter summarizes the lessons learned.

About the authors

Kevin C Desouza

Kevin DeSouza is on the faculty of the Information School at the University of Washington. He was previously Director of the Institute for Engaged Business Research, a think tank of the Engaged Enterprise, a strategy consulting firm with expertise in the areas of knowledge management, crisis management, strategic deployment of information systems, and government and competitive intelligence assignments.Kevin DeSouza is the author of Managing Knowledge with Artificial Intelligence, and co-author of Managing Information in Complex Organisations and Engaged Knowledge Management. He is also the editor of New Frontiers of Knowledge Management. Kevin currently serves as a Senior Strategic Adviser to the Engaged Enterprise.

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