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The Daily Telegraph Tax Guide 2016

The Daily Telegraph Tax Guide 2016

Understanding the Tax System, Completing Your Tax Return and Planning How to Become More Tax Efficient

David Genders


Provides readers with the ultimate resource for completing self-assessment tax returns for 2015/16, including tips on tax efficiency, dealing with HMRC, and deadlines for queries.

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About the book

The Daily Telegraph Tax Guide contains everything you need to know about completing a UK Self-Assessment tax return for 2015/16 including:

* all you need to know on the New ISAs (NISAs) and the major changes allowing pensioners access to more of their pension funds
* section-by-section worked illustrations
* key changes from the 2015 Autumn Statement and 2016 Budget
* dealing effectively with HM Revenue & Customs
* when and how to file your return and pay your tax

For any taxpayer, whether self-employed, part-time, retired or unemployed, the book is an invaluable resource that can help ensure that you are as tax efficient as possible, offering practical advice, timetables and examples that aim to simplify what many people view as a complex and challenging procedure.

With a whole range of top tips for saving on all types of tax, The Daily Telegraph Tax Guide is the essential guide to completing your 2015/2016 tax return.

Table Of Contents

  • Section - 01: You and HMRC;
    • Section - 02: Tax rates and allowances;
    • Section - 03: Tax credits;
    • Section - 04: Interest payments and other outgoings;
    • Section - 05: Working in employment;
    • Section - 06: Value Added Tax;
    • Section - 07: Working for yourself;
    • Section - 08: National Insurance and state benefits;
    • Section - 09: State and private pensions;
    • Section - 10: Savings and investment income;
    • Section - 11: The family unit;
    • Section - 12: Residence and domicile;
    • Section - 13: Capital gains;
    • Section - 14: How to complete your Tax Return and work out your tax;
    • Section - 15: Paying your tax, interest and penalties;
    • Section - 16: Elections and claims: time limits;
    • Section - 17: Inheritance Tax;
    • Section - 18: Budget measures.

  • Book Details

    • EAN: 9780749476793
    • Edition: 40
    • Published: 3rd May 2016
    • Paperback
    • Dimensions: 233x156
    • 288 pages

    About the Author

    David Genders has been the author of The Daily Telegraph Tax Guide since 1982. Having been a Partner in the firm, he is now a Consultant to Sayers Butterworth LLP, a firm of Chartered Accountants specializing in personal tax issues.

    David Genders

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