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The Good Retirement Guide 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Health, Property, Investment, Leisure, Work, Pensions and Tax

Make the most of retirement with this clear and concise guide to a broad range of subjects that affect UK retirees, now in its 34th edition.
Available to pre-order from 3rd October 2019
EAN: 9781789660654
Edition: 34
Format: 234x156
400 pages

About the book

Whether it is a relaxing, action-packed or financially rewarding retirement you are planning for, this is the book for you. Fully revised and updated, The Good Retirement Guide 2020 is packed with hundreds of useful hints, tips and insights into your retirement preparation. In retirement, personal ambitions can be realized and new experiences enjoyed, yet with so much to consider, people are often unsure how best to plan for their future. The scope for concern and confusion is even greater with the uncertain economic and political climate, changing retirement ages, the pressures of an ageing population, and evolving pension rules. Making the most out of retirement by changing to a new career, or starting your own business, only adds to the plethora of retirement options.

The Good Retirement Guide 2020 is an indispensable book that you will refer to again and again, offering clear and concise suggestions on a broad range of subjects for pre-retirement planning in the UK. Including information on: finance (investments, pensions, annuities, benefits and tax), housing, health, holidays, starting a business and looking after elderly parents, this book will help you to save more, live better, and be happier.

About the authors

Jonquil Lowe

Jonquil Lowe is an economist and author specialising in personal finance. With a background in stockbroking and then as head of money research at Which?, her career spans 40 years and around 30 books, the latest being The Good Retirement Guide, published by Kogan Page. She is Senior Lecturer in Economics and Personal Finance at the Open University, and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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