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The Transport Manager's and Operator's Technology Toolkit

A Guide to Enhancing Performance in Road Freight Operations

Learn how to integrate the latest technological developments and IT tools for the transport industry into your business operations
Available to pre-order from 3rd June 2019
EAN: 9780749484262
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
288 pages

About the book

The transport industry has embraced technology ahead of other industries and there is now a vast array of options available to assist operators with operational efficiency, fuel efficient driving, managing drivers' hours, routing and scheduling, workforce management, maintenance systems, fleet management and audit tools. The Transport Operator's and Manager's Technology Toolkit brings all these tools together and describes the different strengths of each one.

The Transport Operator's and Manager's Technology Toolkit provides transport operators with the day-to-day organisation of resources, such as dynamic routing of vehicles against incoming order profiles, allocation of vehicles, trailers and drivers. There are also tools which assist with the allocation of driving resource across the 24/7 working period. This essential guide describes the functionality of different IT systems available, such as in-cab software and provides a selection of audit, freight bidding platforms, 4PL and control tower tools. The book also includes a description of the websites which enable operators to bid for work and a review of the different transport bidding tools available for those procuring haulage services. Online supporting resources include audit and bidding tools and PowerPoints for lecturers.

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