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60 Seconds to Supply Chain Sustainability

18th November 2014 | Carlos Mena, Remko van Hoek, Martin Christopher

In this video, Dr Carlos Mena reveals how to attain supply chain sustainability in just 60 seconds.

The pressure for companies to behave sustainably has increased exponentially in recent decades. The supply chain plays an important role in a company’s overall sustainability performance.

By implementing sustainable supply chain practices, companies can save costs, improve productivity, and enhance public perception of being responsible corporate citizens.

In this video, Dr Carlos Mena reveals why organisations need to engage with supply chain sustainability and how to attain it in just 60 seconds.

Dr Carlos Mena is also co-author of Leading Procurement Strategy, in which he has written a dedicated chapter on supply chain sustainability. In Leading Procurement Strategy, Carlos Mena, Remko van Hoek and Martin Christopher discuss how leaders in procurement can take charge of the supply chain, articulate a strategy, and embrace a transformational role to drive value through the supply chain.

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What the experts say

A much needed practical and insightful guide for procurement professionals and students of procurement to advance the practice and the impact of procurement, for today and the years to come. - Arnold Sowa, Chief Procurement Officer, Metlife

Attracting young Asia talent to see Procurement as a career of choice just got easier. - Jan Piskadlo, Regional Head Asia Pacific, Global Sourcing & Procurement Services, AIG APAC Holdings

Today, Procurement is a function, not a service alone anymore. Therefore, Procurement Strategy in any sense becomes even more important than in the past. Helpful overview for Procurement students and friends of the profession. - Eva Wimmers, SVP Procurement, Deutsche Telecom AG

Leading Procurement Strategy addresses an ambitious list of trending procurement and supply chain subjects. The large group of contributors enables the book to cover a wide range of topics in considerable depth without losing momentum or focus. - Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point

The authors agree that these are exciting times for procurement. They cover current issues and suggest how practitioners can ensure their companies embrace the function and increase its skills. - Supply Management

Logistics, Operations & Supply Chain Management

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