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Jo Owen: Dare to Dream- The Power of High Aspirations

14th April 2015

Good managers improve on what they have, make practical changes and deal with the art of the possible. Leaders think fundamentally differently about high aspirations; they seek to make change, working backwards from their ‘future perfect,’ to create tomorrow’s reality. Jo Owen, author of The Mindset of Success, talks us through the differences between managers and leaders in terms of their aspirations.

Leaders think fundamentally differently about high aspirations. They don’t believe in better, they believe in different- in changing things and fundamentally altering the status quo. They start at the end, with their ‘future perfect,’ and work backwards, rather than start at the beginning. They do not think about the art of the possible because they are not constrained by today’s reality. Finally, they don’t just focus on improving themselves, they focus on the mission. And the bigger the mission, the better. Because the big mission is one that enthuses and excites themselves and their team, gives meaning to the work of the team and the work of the organization. 

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Business, Finance, Risk, Information Management

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