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Leading Digital Strategy: How 'Digital Newcomers,' Can Master E-Commerce

22nd April 2015 | Christopher Bones, James Hammersley

Retail and digital experts Chris Bones and James Hammersley discuss e-commerce in the current retail climate. Many companies are chasing digital growth or are disappointed with their rate of digital expansion. The authors set this in context, with case studies of brands that are succeeding and those that are not.

The authors of Leading Digital Strategy talk about their experience of working closely with senior commercial leaders of large companies. They found that, despite their seniority, these leaders were struggling to drive financial growth via e-commerce and digital. They also felt less confident when it came to stepping in and making a difference. In this video, Chris Bones and James Hammersley set out exactly how CEOS, COOs and Heads of Channel can use Leading Digital Strategy as the ‘how-to guide’ to help them make a success of their e-commerce.

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The authors of Leading Digital Strategy bring their experience of working with senior leaders in large retail companies to the ongoing search for digital growth in a climate where some sectors of digital growth are expanding, and some are shrinking.

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Business, Finance, Risk, Information Management

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