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Lecture 49: The Legal Risk Management Handbook Chapter 4

In this recorded lecture from Texas A&M School of Law's Legal Risk Management course, Chris Guzelian and Matthew Whalley, authors of The Legal Risk Management Handbook, cover legislative and compliance risk. Their discussion includes: understanding laws as they apply to your business; extra-territorial laws; how multinationals can handle different jurisdictions.

These recorded lectures by Chris Guzelian, co-author of The Legal Risk Management Handbook and Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M School of Law, are ©2017 and are reproduced with permission from the author.

Matthew Whalley is the Director of Legal Risk for EY, London. He created the UK's first and only Legal Risk Consultancy in 2012, and has helped FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 clients take their first steps to develop a structured approach to legal risk. He was short-listed for the Laurie Young Memorial Global Thought Leadership award in 2014 for his papers on legal risk management.

Chris Guzelian is an Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M School of Law, USA. Previously he was a state prosecutor, a civilian officer with the U.S. Department of Defense, and a lawyer with the U.S. bankruptcy courts. He advises a number of corporate, non-profit, and government authorities on risk-related matters.

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