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Three strategies for driving innovation at your professional firm | Ben Kent

11th December 2017 | Adrian Furner, Ben Kent, Nigel Clark, Alastair Beddow

In this video, Ben Kent discusses ways in which professional services leaders can kickstart innovation in the face of radical market disruption. He offers three top tips:

1. Be clear on the problem: understand what kinds of market disruption you are facing, and what innovations will work for your clients.
2. Know your capacity for change: investing in new technologies can be expensive, and workplace cultures are not always receptive to new ideas and processes.
3. Build a strong innovation team: a mixture of legal and creative backgrounds with an abudance of enthusiasm, is vital to ensuring the success of your strategy.

Professional Services Leadership Handbook by Nigel Clark, Ben Kent, Alastair Beddow & Adrian Furner will help you understand the challenges facing professional services firms, and teach how to respond and take action to ensure a successful future with this practical guide to leadership.

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Business, Finance, Risk, Information Management

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