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Too Fast To Think: How Do We Solve the Information and Creativity Challenge? Chris Lewis Explains

In this video, Chris Lewis, author of Too Fast To Think, discusses the breadth of interviewees in the book including clergymen, politicians and scientists and how businesses can help provide a more creative environment.

Too Fast to Think exposes how our current work practices, media culture and education systems are detrimental to innovation. The speed and noise of modern life is undermining the clarity and quiet that is essential to power individual thought. Our best ideas are often generated when we are free to think diffusely, in an uninterrupted environment, which is why moments of inspiration so often occur in places completely separate to our offices. 

Too Fast To Think by Chris Lewis is available from Kogan Page -

Chris Lewis is the founder and CEO of LEWIS, one of the largest independent marketing and communications agencies in the world. He is a skilled media trainer who has coached senior politicians, business people and celebrities. Chris is also a published author and journalist who has written for the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.