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What are the Secrets of Good TV Drama Promotion

In this second video from Charlie Mawer and Andy Bryant, co-authors of The TV Brand Builders, they discuss the importance of TV drama marketing, why original content is often more effective than recycling existing scenes in promotional campaigns, and how marketers need to change their approach to working with digital marketing and social media.

Andy Bryant is Managing Director of Red Bee, a London-based, internationally acclaimed creative agency specializing in marketing and design for entertainment and media companies.

Charlie Mawer is Executive Creative Director of Red Bee, responsible for their global creative output. Acknowledged world leaders in channel branding and entertainment marketing, they have worked in over 30 countries with clients including the BBC, UKTV, NBC Universal and Fox.

The TV Brand Builders is the definitive account of how the biggest television networks, channels and programmes are created as brands, with privileged access to the marketing strategies and creative thinking behind culturally defining TV promos, digital and social media campaigns and design identities.