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Supervision in Coaching

Supervision, Ethics and Continuous Professional Development

Jonathan Passmore, Association for Coaching


Supervision in Coaching examines how coaches can use professional development tools including supervision and continuing professional development to improve and develop their coaching practice.

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Book Details

  • ISBN: 9780749455330
  • Published date: 3 Jul 2011
  • Paperback
  • 352 Pages
  • Dimensions: 234x156mm
  • Language: English

About The Book

Coaching is rapidly growing from a young, emerging profession to one that is becoming more established on a global scale. As professional coaching grows, so does the need for a more formulated approach to regulation, ethics and individual development. In order for coaches to develop their skills and knowledge they need to make continual professional development and supervision a core aspect of their practice.

Supervision in Coaching examines how coaches can use a range of professional development tools to improve and develop their coaching. Written by a team of international coaching practitioners, it provides essential guidance on this increasingly key area of coaching practice. The authors provide advice on a range of topics, including approaches to supervision, managing ethical dilemmas, the role of regulation and licensing in coaching and the development of accreditation and professional standards.

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About the Authors

Jonathan Passmore is a chartered occupational psychologist, an accredited AC coach, a coaching supervisor and fellow of the CIPD. He is the author of several books and editor of the first edition of Excellence in Coaching as well as Psychometrics in Coaching, Diversity in Coaching and Leadership Coaching, all published by Kogan Page.

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